View from the PamCam – a Todmorden “Belfie”

Friday night is music night!! Well, it is in the Calderdale valley where Todmorden Brass Band rehearse. We have had a cracking night at band again tonight playing with some really lyrical and beautiful moments all evening.

Here we are – our first “belfie” (band selfie). I had to take two pictures because my arm isn’t long enough to get everyone in on one shot. Say hello to Todmorden Community Brass Band.



We are busy rehearsing for our annual anniversary concert in a couple of months and I am trying out a few different pieces in the meantime, so tonight we played a cobbled together version of “Sunset” (which will be less ‘cobbled’ now I’ve decided which hymn tune we’re going to do it with and I will get down to arranging it properly in a couple of weeks), a brass band favourite “Miller Magic” which is a medley of four of Glenn Miller’s finest pieces, and “Famous British Marches”.

I am proud of my band – they are becoming masters at sight-reading and the musicality within the band is astounding sometimes.

A big shout-out to Dan on drums tonight. He’s the 13 year old brother of our senior drummist, Chloe, who was at a rehearsal with her new school band tonight (her new school being Chetham’s School of Music…). Dan sight-read Miller Magic and really got stuck into the drum solo in St Louis Blues March, and he did a cracking job during Famous British Marches too. He was a star tonight – Chloe, watch out he’s after your seat!

Also, a fond farewell tonight to Sara who has been with us for about six months from the US. She has been playing bass trombone with us but sadly has to return home next week so we won’t be seeing her until September if she can make it back across the pond. She takes our love and best wishes with her back Stateside and we will look forward to her return in the future.



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