All Change!

We have lived in our house for 18 years now and when we first moved in we did a quick paint job in the back bedroom to make it fit for Emma, who was about 4 years old. We wanted bright and cheerful so we painted two walls bright yellow and the other two blue (City blue, what else?) and that has been pretty much it ever since.

Emma lived in that room on her own until Ethan was born the year later and they shared for a good long while until we had to split them up. Ethan went into the small boxroom (tiny boxroom, it was just about big enough for a single bed and a rug) while Emma stayed in the back bedroom. Then, when Ethan was about 15 or so he became a bit too long for the bedroom so we had to swap them over. Emma was happy enough to go into the tiny bedroom/boxroom and Ethan was in his element being in the big bedroom at the back. We had planned on decorating the room at some point but we have never got around to it. Until now.

Emma has been to university and now lives at her Grandma’s round the corner, and Ethan has about 18 months left before he flies the nest for uni himself and so, what better time to do some decorating?!

The bright yellow from 18 years ago is now a bit, well, dull. And the blue is faded to say the least. These photos don’t really do it justice, but to give you an idea of what it looked like up til today, here are a couple of pictures:






When we painted the walls originally, it was just to cover up the painted anaglypta wallpaper from the previous owners. They must have put a couple of layers of paint on because when we started stripping it today it was like stripping off paper mache! Underneath that paper and paint was hiding this paper layer. We are guessing it is the original paper from the 1940s judging by the pattern and the quality of the dyes on it.



It has been a pig to get off – I’m sure they stuck it on with flour and water mix rather than wallpaper paste! – but it’s all off now and ready for repapering tomorrow or Wednesday.

Ethan has had to move all his stuff out of the room for us to do the job and we are going to try and get it all done this week. He’s having to sleep on a mattress on the floor of the living room for a couple of nights, so the race is on.

Keep your eye out for some more photos as the job gets done. It has taken us 18 years to get this job started, we are going to make sure it has been worth the wait.






I'd love to hear your view, please leave a comment!

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