Just a Minute!

Nicholas Parsons

Have you ever listened to an episode of Just a Minute on Radio 4? If you haven’t you are missing a treat. It’s a panel show/game show/comedy show…. difficult to describe but very clever and funny to listen to. The rules are simple – to speak about a given topic for a minute without hesitation, deviation or repetition. If you break any of those rules then your time is up and you lose points. Simple, but very entertaining.

It has been running for over 40 years and has been hosted by Nicholas Parsons for all of that time with different panellists each week.  There are recurring guests and one of those – Paul Merton – has clocked up a huge 346 appearances in his time, which is one more than Kenneth Williams. He still has a long way to go yet to beat the record holder for the highest number of appearances made by Clement Freud, and it is doubtful that Nicholas Parsons will be hosting still if that particular achievement is ever reached.

Have a look here if you want to see more about Paul Merton’s time on Just a Minute and if you would like to see Paul in action, there are four clips here for you to enjoy too.

It’s one of those programmes I like to catch up with on the BBC iPlayer when I’m on my own. Kevin doesn’t share all of my sense of humour and it’s not really his thing so it’s not fair to inflict it on him in the car. Have a listen for yourself and see if you are converted to it too.






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