Signs There Is An Assignment Deadline Looming

You probably know by now that I am studying for my degree with the Open University – I might have mentioned it once or twice. You might know too that I am taking two level 3 modules this year to complete my BA Hons degree in Humanities with Literature as a specialism – I think that fact has slipped out now and again.

But you probably didn’t know that when it comes to assignment deadline day (or TMA day if you are a fellow OU-er) I completely stress out and go through all seven levels of hell of self-doubt, tears, tantrums, brain freeze, conviction of failure, loss of sleep and threats to quit before reaching the point where I can apply pen to paper and cobble together some notes to form the basis of an essay.

don't sweat it

Well that is what usually happens but this time, crikey, it was so much worse I really nearly did get to the point of throwing in the towel. I didn’t do that, and I did manage to write a fairly decent 2000 word essay answering a ridiculous rubric about how twentieth century children’s literature reflected a middle-class readership (or not) and get it submitted on time. But not without hiccup, which is unusual for me.

I had to ask for an extension because I have had a particularly lengthy spell of renal and biliary colic which meant that I couldn’t sit up for any length of time and the painkillers I was taking affected my concentration to the point where I could only read a paragraph or two before I fell asleep. So instead of submitting on time last Thursday I had until midnight tonight to submit it. And thankfully, I’ve done it, but there are a few signs around the house that it has been a stressful couple of weeks.

One of my delaying tactics when I don’t want to (or can’t face) settling down to an assignment is to go on a cleaning spree. The bathroom is never cleaner than when deadline day is looming, and the towels and face-cloths etc are all nicely folded and lined up beautifully in the linen cupboard too. The kitchen usually has an extra coat of ‘clean’ applied to it and if the subject matter is particularly tricky, or if the question is a bit more in depth than I think I can handle then the stairs usually get a double brush and a vacuuming too.

But this time none of that got done. I’ve been too poorly to even think about housework, even as a means of distraction and just look at the pile of ironing that has built up waiting for me…





ARGH!!! It’s like an explosion in a laundrette in the corner of my room! I’ll probably tackle that lot tomorrow while I catch up on some of the TV I haven’t been able to watch. By my reckoning I’ve got at least 3 episodes of Happy Valley, 2 of Call The Midwife, both of the Night Manager and the first of Who Do You Think You Are sitting on the box for me to watch. Do you think all that will be long enough to keep me occupied while I do some ironing?!

You might have noticed too that so far this year I have been doing a ‘postaday2016’, which basically says what it does – I’m posting something each day this year. Except yesterday when I failed miserably because I was too entrenched in OU work to look over the parapet before midnight. Ah well, at least it was the extra day and I will still have 365 posts by the end of the year!

But hang on a minute, I’ve still got TMA05, TMA06 and an EMA to do for both modules still before the end of May. Oh boy…I had best get a couple of posts ready to publish when deadline days are looming again so I can keep my record. I only wish the ironing would stay done and the bathroom would stay clean too.




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