Getting there…

I have felt like I’m in a spinning vortex with my studies recently, and have been totally overwhelmed with the workload, reading and assignment avalanche I’ve had since Christmas. Whoever thought that doing two level 3 courses in one year obviously had a screw loose when they suggested it to me.

Oh hang on a minute. I’m responsible for that all by myself. Humph.

But, there is good news. Hurrah!

I had a tutorial today for my Children’s Lit course, and for once, I actually felt I could contribute something useful to the group discussion. Is it finally sinking in? Am I finally getting there??

I managed to skim read through three critical essays this morning before I went and even though I felt my eyes were glazing over I retained much of what I’d just read and it was useful to understand the background of what the tutor was talking about as she was speaking, and not where I had to go over my notes eighty times before I could even begin to think about where she was coming from. Yes, it feels like I’m getting there.

The assignment I submitted on Tuesday has been marked and I got it back tonight and guess what? Not only did I manage to reach the pass mark (40 is a pass 4, and the minimum to say ‘I’ve passed’), but I nearly doubled it. Wow, yes, I got 75! That’s a clear pass 2 and my overall average for this module now is safely in the pass 2 zone, which is the equivalent of a 2:1 as we speak. Exciting times and yes, I’m definitely getting there.

And now that I’m working on assignment number 5 of 6 for both modules and with only the end of module assessment to be done after that I am starting to feel like my toes are touching the bottom and I can poke my nose through the surface to breathe a little.

Oh it feels good to be getting there!

getting there


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