Phew – Made It!!

It’s been a busy few months on the Mushy Cloud and you may have noticed an absence of blog posts for a while. I have recovered from my heavy (oh so heavy!) workload now and I hope you will rejoin me as I start my blogging experience again.

In case you didn’t know what has been happening, I have finished my degree after studying 5 modules in 3 years with the Open University and have been working hard on my final assignments.

I was studying a course in advanced creative writing, which involved learning more about the different forms of writing including my (new) favourite of writing drama. Drama is a cover-all term for radio plays, stage plays, screenplays etc and I wrote a 30 minute screenplay for my final assignment which is something that I never thought I would ever be able to do. I loved writing it and am anxious about how it will be received and whether it will earn me enough marks for me to pass at the level I want. It is a story set in 1918 and the present day and is about a soldier from the trenches who is brought to a military hospital in Cheshire where he meets and falls in love with a nurse. I didn’t set out to write a love story but when the characters start talking to you, you have to go with the flow I guess.

My other module was on Children’s Literature, which involved learning all about the history of children’s literature as well as thoroughly getting to grips with a big range of texts. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting when I signed up for it, but I have thoroughly loved it and I have read some books that I would never have thought of outside this module, such as ‘Buffalo Soldier’ by Tanya Landman. A brilliant book and well worth a read.

So both of these modules represent the culmination of a 20 year journey for me, and if all goes well and to plan, then I am in line to be awarded a 2:1 degree in July. I will let you know how that goes.

In other news, I tried running in an attempt to get my body moving and to combat the long hours I had been putting into studying. It didn’t go well and I gave up far too easily, but I will be getting going again soon. Either running or cycling. Or swimming. Yes, swimming instead. Easier on my poor feet!

It took me a long while to recover after my final assessment went in – too much reading in a short space of time left my eyes a bit tired and my brain very mushy, not to mention the kinks in my back from being sat for long stretches at the desk. I haven’t been able to read very much for a week or so, but my creative streak had a flare and I did some art work instead and it was nice to do something a bit different this week.

Work in progress – sunflowers in pastels. It’s all about the process not the result

It has been a whirlwind of activity at church too in the last few months and now that I have finished my OU studies I am really looking forward to getting on with that more fully again. I have been on the ministry team in delivering two funerals, which I’ll perhaps tell you about in another post, including the back-stage ‘tour’ I had at the crematorium after my first one. That was an amazing experience, fascinating and reassuring in equal measure. There is no need for families to worry that their loved one will be mixed up with someone else, or that the staff won’t be careful etc because the system behind the scenes is like a military operation and is done with the utmost care and compassion.

There’s been a lot on at band too recently, which I’ve managed to juggle reasonably well. I was invited to conduct Lees Band on Whit Friday and my own band of Todmorden Community Brass Band has been rather occupied too. It really has been a mad couple of months!

Me with the board carriers at Lydgate with the Lees Band in the background
Me with the board carriers at Lydgate with the Lees Band in the background


Todmorden Band at Salem Fields in Hebden Bridge. The sun burst out just after this photo was taken and I have been burned to a crisp on my conducting arm and neck. Ouch!
Todmorden Band at Salem Fields in Hebden Bridge. The sun burst out just after this photo was taken and I have been burned to a crisp on my conducting arm and neck. Ouch!

I’ve got a couple of weeks of invigilation coming up now, but I have got a couple of writing projects I want to work on and can’t wait to have the time to start properly.

So there you have it. It’s been busy, it is still busy, and it’s going to stay busy. But there’s now room for creativity and reflection as well, which makes for a happier Pam and a calmer Pam too.

Onward, always onward!




3 thoughts on “Phew – Made It!!”

  1. I bet you’re glad the study is finished.
    As regards the exercise why not look at walking as an option.
    I’ve found running to be too harsh for my old bones and being a bit overweight hasn’t helped.
    So I started walking. First a couple of miles and now I’ve just done 10.
    I map it all on Strava which has a route builder on its website so I can plan road circuits. Just a thought.

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