Do something…

I’m going to be working on this in the coming months:


“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin

Looks like quite a simple thing doesn’t it? But for one like me who is regularly crippled with self-doubt and anxiety, it’s not as straightforward to do as it might first appear.

To write “something worth reading” opens one particular can of worms, while doing “something worth writing” opens another. Fear of failure – fear of success come to think of it – and anxiety about whether people will read my stuff is always there, lurking just below the surface. Anxiety about stepping foot out of the house for no apparent reason is something else that is lurking there just below the surface all the time too. I am find going out if there is something to go out for, or somewhere to go, but just leaving the house and doing something can be the stuff of nightmares for me sometimes.

I’m working on that – watch this space!


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