Book Review – “She” by Pete Brassett


Finished 5th Jan
Finished 5th Jan

“She” by Pete Brassett

From the blurb: A gripping murder mystery detective thriller that keeps you guessing until the end.

Background/plot: A serial killer is at work in London, and the newly-formed team of DI Munro and DS West work together to find out what is happening.

My overall impression? I’m in two minds about this book. I was part blown away, and part disappointed so overall I’m not very impressed to be honest.

The positives first: The plot was great, the storyline was original and the ending was satisfying, if somewhat confusing and open-ended.  Some chapters were written in the first person from one character’s point of view, and the third-person narrative switches between the killer and the police which altogether, makes it a very interesting read.

But the negatives outweigh all that. First of all there were FAR too many commas for me to be able read it properly. The writer is obviously striving for a realistic speech pattern in his narrative, but what happens is that all the characters end up speaking the way, and the prose is stilted and just doesn’t flow properly. Secondly, while the characters on the criminal side were excellently drawn, the characters of Munro and West on the police side seemed almost as if they were written by a different person because they were so wooden and unrealistically drawn. I didn’t get a firm idea of them and I kept having to remind myself who was who as I read. I felt I didn’t care about either Munro or West and their part in the story could have been fulfilled by any stock character from anywhere.

Who are the main characters? This book is billed as being a “Munro and West” crime thriller, and these two form the backbone of the police investigation team. The other characters are victims of the killer, which I won’t describe as it will give the game away.

Where is it set? In and around London.

Will I read the next in the series? I didn’t want to, but “Avarice” is being offered on Amazon Kindle Unlimited for free, so I started it the day before yesterday to see if it would resolve the ending or if it is as badly written as this. I am about a third of the way in and am frustrated by the same things – the commas and the one-dimensional, highly unlikely team of  Munro and West – and I think I won’t be reading the one after it.

Would I recommend it to my friends? No. Don’t bother. The different-ness about this book is not enough for it to warrant a “wow, read this!” from me because of the faults with it. I feel that had the writer used the benefit of a good edit and rewrite then it would have been a million times better. The plot is great, the storytelling is not so great. Sorry.







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