Accepting Love


1 thought on “Accepting Love”

  1. Hi I posted think it was about June two to three years ago. If you find it please let me know if anyone answered, thanks. I went to Plant hill school when it first open 1959, and was there until I turned 15. I had a very happy school life there, unlike some of the posts you have here about life in them golden days.
    What was I writing about and what was my hidden thoughts as of the time I was writing?
    Now I am retired, I don’t know anyone, I was very popular in those days, Young 1st year students used to be by my side for protection, bullying in those days were expected. No one would start with my best friend Alan Toby and me, so we gave the few a happy school year. I was hoping there were someone who remembers me then. Paul Bassman, Cant remember all that time ago, but I do remember a girl who I was fascinated with but she didn’t want to know me. I tried for 4 or 5 years treating her nice but alas wasn’t meant to be. I would give a lottery type windfall, for ANY Information what happened to her HILLARY BENSON who I haven’t seen for at least 50 years now. Many people would say leave her alone now, but I don’t want to sound an idiot, I have since the day I left Plant Hill 50 years ago, dreamt every single day about her. In the dreams it is always good seeing her, the strange thing is I see her still as a school girl. Can Anyone translate dreams?
    Teachers of the day, were Mr Anderson ( history ) Mr Davis ( maths ) a MR Baylis my favourite teacher, Mr Watson French, Mr Royles PE, Mr Bromley ( head teacher ) Miss tailor girls P.E
    It would be so pleasing to speak to someone from those days. Thank you for allowing me to put this message up here.
    I do read all your posts you send. Didn’t live far from Blakely, It was near the halfway house in Crumpsall, and went to the same primary school crumpsall lane before Plant hill. I remember a lot from then too.

    All the best Paul,


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