Blogging, Lent Challenge 2017


Lent Challenge – “Questions”


Who decided that women deserve a pat on the head for a single day each year, calling it “International Women’s Day”?


What do they think women do on the other 364 days of the year?


Do women fall for it year after year?


Are we going to wake up to the fact that in a truly equal society, there is no need for a day to commemorate women. Or men. Or men who identify as women. Or women who identify as men. Each and every day ought to be a celebration of human achievement in scientific advancement, sporting prowess, engineering feats, humanitarian succour, medical breakthroughs, musical excellence, artistic flair and so much more.


Are we ever going to make peace among ourselves if we constantly draw the demarcation lines between us?

We divide ourselves by continent: “Most Europeans can’t appreciate the poverty the Africans are suffering”.

We divide ourselves by country: “The French are so rude. Much better to go to Belgium where they are so much more polite”.

We divide ourselves by region: “People in the south have such better lives that them up North. Haven’t you heard how grim it is up there?”.

We divide ourselves by county: “Everyone in Lancashire knows Yorkshiremen are tight with their money”.

We divide ourselves by city: “I wouldn’t trust a Scouser as far as I could throw him”.

We divide ourselves by town: “Ancoats? Who wants to live there? It’s a dump isn’t it?”

We divide ourselves by street: “Heaton Park Road is so posh. We don’t deserve to have a house there”.

We divide ourselves by house: “My neighbour is forever getting in my way and leaving his car parked across my drive”.

We divide ourselves in families: “I don’t talk to me sister’s family any more. Not after she got with that idiot who drives a flash car”.

We divide ourselves in marriages: “You’re not good enough for me anymore. I want out of this marriage”.

We divide ourselves so much in so many things already, do we really need to divide ourselves on the basis of our sex too? Come on ladies and gents of the world, can’t we unite for once and instead of being divisive in absolutely everything we do?

Those are my questions for today.





1 thought on “Questions”

  1. Love this post! 🙂 I have more thoughts about International Women’s Day and why I won’t participate in it at all, but should probably start my work. Hope you have a good day, dear Pam!


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