In the wake of the atrocious attack in Manchester last night, I feel have to say something. But like so many people today there are simply not enough words to express just how sad,  shocked, upset, fearful, determined, defiant and united we feel as a city.

Mancunians are renowned for our understated attitude to getting on with things and coming together as a community to stand in the face of adversity. This isn’t the first time Manchester has experienced violence like this and I don’t suppose it will be the last. While that saddens and angers me, I am reassured by the resilience of my fellow Mancs in that we will carry on.

For those who are pointing the finger and trying to divide us, my message is that we are all children of the same God and we would do well to remember that. Darkness will never overcome darkness, only light can do that. Hatred can never overcome hatred, only love can do that.

For the people of Manchester my message is, stay strong our kid.


8 thoughts on “Manchester ”

    1. Thank you Mary. It is a difficult day for my city today, but we have been shown God’s face in so many different ways in the aftermath of this atrocity it simply amazes me. The outpouring of love, acts of kindness, and prayers and messages of support from around the world is breathtaking. Thank you for your prayers – we need them today ❤


  1. I had to reread the news stories to get my head around this. But I too was bouyed by the good will shown and the tireless work of the emergency services. Manchester seemed to refuse to be cowed this morning as everyone went back to work.

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  2. My last two posts were promoted by events in our home city. I have to say how proud I’ve been of my fellow Mancunians in response to what happened. These have been difficult days for us all.


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