Gathered and Scattered

We have been looking at the idea of being a gathered church and a scattered church in my church this week. It is part of a sermon series we are doing called “Frontline Sundays” from LICC and we have been thinking about ourselves and what it means for us when we gather on a Sunday, and then scatter back into our day to day lives carrying the gospel message out with us. The idea, of course, is that by living our lives as Christians we will affect the world around us – hopefully for the better – in the way that we interact with people, the way we build and encourage them, the way that we look after God’s creation, and the way that we give of ourselves to others in whatever way we can. In other words, our lives in the community reflect God’s glory simply by us being us and we are “church” whether we are gathered in one place under one roof, or scattered through our communities and jobs and families.

I was involved with a Bible study this morning where we talked about it, looking in particular at 1 Peter 1 and then tonight I followed it up with a session of Bible journalling looking at the same passage but with a view to doing some artwork from it.

Here is my effort from tonight:

“Scattered” – from Bible Journalling this evening

As you can see, my drawing skills are not very good, but I hope you can see that it’s a dandelion clock with seeds that are scattered in the wind. The idea is that sometimes we get blown away from the place where we started from, but wherever we land, we will make a difference to the environment we find ourselves in.

So for me, gathered church on a Sunday helps me gain strength from my fellow “dandelions”, who remind me of where I have come from, and who give me courage to allow God’s breath to blow me wherever he wants to scatter me.

Love and light,

Pam x

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