My Day on the Cloud

Today is William Shakespeare’s birthday (and deathday, apparently) and it is also St George’s day. St George is the patron saint of England, so happy St George’s day my fellow English patriots.

My day began today by getting into a “debate” on Twitter with a couple of people about St George and what it means to be English. I know I shouldn’t do it, because Twitter is not exactly known as a nuanced and shaded debating platform, but I had to answer the accusation that to celebrate being English is somehow akin to being a racist, colonial, murdering, thieving hound from hell. I kid you not. Anyway, my answer to that was along the lines of saying that if you discount all the decisions made by the ruling classes on behalf of the 99.9% of the rest of the population, then there is plenty to celebrate being English: our traditional arts and crafts, our quirky sense of humour, our sports, foods, beer, cider, language, dialects, poetry, literature, dancing, brass bands, folk music, countryside, seaside and coasts and SO MUCH MORE. But obviously, it being on Twitter, it’s hard to make a point like that because it isn’t an “I’m right and you’re wrong” kind of answer. Sigh.

St George’s statue, London

Then I had a mini road trip with my best friend to take my books back to Luther King House library. We had a lovely natter in the car, and it was nice to spend some time together just shooting the breeze and having a bit of a gossip. I bumped into a friend and colleague from All Saints who I’ve not seen for over 12 months, so it was nice to catch each other up with our relative ordination/priesting news. I was hoping to have had a brew with my friend when we got back but he had other commitments this afternoon so we didn’t have time. We’re going to go for a walk together next week instead.

I have been using my daughter’s car while she’s overseas and for the first time in about 2 months I needed to put petrol in it today. It was in dire need of a wash too, so after wrangling the petrol pump at Tesco I decided to give it a bit of a treat and wash it at home. I dug out the shampoo and sponge, and had my second wrangling session within about 20 minutes.

This time it was the hose…. My arm has been feeling weak and painful this week and the hosepipe was in a big coil tucked in round the bins, so it was a hassle to get it out ready to spray the car. And then, once I’d got it (more or less) uncoiled, I couldn’t work out how to get the water out of the end. I turned the tap on and tried to get the end nozzle thing to move, but instead of turning it to get it to come out in a spray, I ended up pulling the nozzle off the end by accident and sprayed myself full in the face with freezing cold water. I was so shocked that I dropped the hose and it did that comical spinny thing, spraying water all over the place and soaking my trousers, t-shirt, face and hair in about 3 seconds flat.

Once I grabbed the end again, it wasn’t too bad because I’ve been taught by the best (my Dad), and I just squeezed the end of the hose to make it spray like a good’un. I rinsed off the car, got it all shampooed and washed with the sponge, then rinsed it off again. I was ready for the hose this time, and manage to get the job finished with minimal further soaking to body and head.

The car looks good now it’s all shiny and clean, and now there’s half a tank of petrol in and not so many commitments next week, I’m looking forward to spending some time driving next week (arm dependent, obviously).

Charlie Lima gleaming in the sunshine

I needed to get changed after the soaking from washing the car, and then I settled down with Megan to watch the last two episodes of New Amsterdam that we’ve been working towards all week. Fabulous series, and I can’t wait for the next season to be released. We are definitely on Team Max.

It’s Friday, so as is the law, we had chippy for tea tonight. I don’t know if it’s comforting or disconcerting that the chippy lady knows me by sight and knows that if we only order 2 meals that we have salt and vinegar on both, but if there’s 3, salt only on the other one. We had a nice chat too, which was lovely.

And that’s about it. It’s been a varied and mixed day, with lots of talking, lots of water, and just a few tears.

I pray yours has been a good one. Love and light,

Pamster x

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