What Would You Eradicate?

If you could eradicate anything in the world, what would you choose to get rid of?

If I could eradicate anything at all, I would get rid of FEAR. Fear stops us doing so much, and it stops the world working as it should.

We fear things going wrong, and so it stops us trying, but we fear things going well because we fear we don’t deserve success. How can we fear both sides of the coin?

We fear getting hurt, and it stops us loving as we ought to. We fear reaching out to those that we do love, because it might hurt them when we are struggling to cope, and so fear stops them loving us as they ought.

We fear saying the wrong thing, so we often just don’t say anything at all. And when we do speak out, we fear what people are saying back to us so we stop listening. We fear what they will say to us in case it makes things worse, so we neither speak nor listen. Fear closes our hearts and minds.

The biggest problem in the world isn’t the absence of love, I believe it is the presence of so much fear which stops us from showing each other how much we love and how much we care. Fear is a thief; fear is a toxic assassin which creeps into everything we do, and the irony is that we fear what will happen if we tackle it.

My prayer tonight then, is that whatever you fear saying, or feeling, or doing is eased and tomorrow you find the courage to overcome that fear. Be bold, be creative, speak up and reach out. There is nothing to fear, I promise.

‘Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.’

Isaiah 43: 1

Love and light,

Pamster x

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