Quiet Day

It has been a quiet day on the Mushy Cloud today, not much to report really. My college assignments are all finished for this year and we’ve got a house guest for a few days – all covid tested and we’re in a safe bubble – so my routine is a bit different just at the moment. I found myself in Tesco first thing this morning, and by first thing I mean before breakfast, and then my day has been filled with a bit of admin, a bit of creativeness on a church video and a bit of writing in preparation for a short story I’m working on. All very unexciting through the day.

I was on IT for Evening Prayer tonight and it was my turn to lead the intercessions tonight, and my friend Jane led it all beautifully. She created a lovely welcoming space for prayer tonight and I really enjoyed that mellow sense of simply being tonight.

Then I had a brilliant catch up phone call with an old friend who I haven’t spoken to for a little while. We had a lovely chat and we put the world to rights between us. Well, kind of…!

And then a nail biting match for Manchester City which eventually saw them win 2 1 against Paris St Germain. I had the match on the radio as I was watching the Great British Sewing Bee. Talk about mixed input!

Anyway, as there’s not much been happening today I thought I’d share a funny photo with you to finish with tonight.

Love and light

Pamster x

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