Bank Holiday Monday

It’s the May Day Bank Holiday here in the UK, and in true British style, after a month or so of perfect Spring weather, it has been freezing cold and absolutely bucketing it down for most of the day.

We would usually try to get out for the day today, as today is a day for some of the British traditional eccentricities to be aired and explored. In past years we have visited the Green Man Festival in Clun, and have seen Morris dancers in places like Howarth or Castleton, but we’re still under covid restrictions so anything like that is not on the cards this year.

However, we did venture out to get some air and scenery… Only it was so cold we stayed in the car.

First stop was the tip in Middleton. Sorry, not the tip, the “recycling centre”. Isn’t it wonderful now how there are the facilities available where you can put your cardboard separate from your garden waste? We have started the process of de-junking the loft and the garage and so the clothes bins and book bank came in very handy today. I hate the thought of things like that just going to landfill.

And then decision time. Kevin wanted to see the sea, but I wasn’t sure I could make the journey in the cold today. Long story short, sore hip, fibro flare, feeling mard… So we compromised, and went for a drive over the tops instead.

I should explain that “the tops” means Saddleworth, because from here it’s uphill.

We went on a bit of a tour, following our nose, and ended up in Sowerby Bridge at roughly lunchtime. It was also “bladder o’clock” so we stopped at the Tesco to use the facilities and to get a butty for dinner.

We had a cracking view of the trainline as we ate – who said we had to go to the seaside to get a good view?!

We then made our way down the valley towards Hebden Bridge and Todmorden. It was along here that the weather went from “Typically British Bank Holiday” weather, to “Are you sure it’s not still Midwinter?” weather.

Driving back from Todmorden to home brought back some very happy memories of our time with Todmorden Community Band, and reignited some dreams of one day living somewhere in this beautiful part of the world.

We drove past Hollingworth Lake, which resembled the North Sea in a gale, and despite the horrible weather (did I mention how cold, wet and windy it has been today??) there were people actually WINDSURFING on the lake. Barmy!!

And then came the hair-raising journey on the M62…

I had my eyes shut most of the way. The spray was awful and I’m glad I wasn’t driving.

Once home it was time to unwind and finish off a project that I started in January. I cut all the fabric out for this waistcoat then, and sewed it up (mostly) last week. All I had to do today was figure out how to close the sides and once I did that, it was topstitching all round, buttonholes and buttons. What do you think?

And that has been my May Day Bank Holiday. I trust yours has been a good one too.

Love and light,

Pamster x

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