There are many ways of loving people, just as there are many ways of telling someone you love them. The traditional “three little words” work very well for a lot of the time, but sometimes it’s not possible or practical or ethical or appropriate to say to someone, “I love you”.

It could be asking, “have you eaten?”, or, “did you sleep well?”

It might be holding someone’s hand, or hair, or coat as they deal with something you can’t help them with.

It might be saying “no”, or “stop” from time to time, or it might be biting your tongue and saying nothing at all.

It might be stepping up, or it might be stepping back.

Many different ways of telling someone you love them.

In our Frontline sermon series these last few weeks, we have been looking at what it means for us as Christians to share the good news of God’s love with the people we encounter in our day to day lives. And this passage has lived with me since we studied it a couple of weeks ago.

It prompted me to draw this picture in Bible Journalling last week, because I like the image of being clothed in the love that binds us all together. I drew the letters as if they were flowers growing wild because I like to wonder what the world would be like if we could let all those spoken and unspoken utterances of love be seeded and watered for each other.

We are created to love, by Almighty God who loves us all so very much that he forgives us for all those times when our love for him and for each other falls short. There is nothing in heaven or Earth, neither death nor life, nor angels nor demons, neither the present or the future, neither height nor depth, nor anything in the whole of creation, can separate us from his love. Not a thing.

I wonder what difference that makes to you and the way that you show people you love them. Unconditional love can be painful and costly, but if we truly love as we are loved by God, then it is a price worth paying.

So, tell your nearest and dearest that you love them. Make that call, make that gesture, do that thing that shows someone you care. Who knows what seeds you are watering when you do it.

Grace and peace,

Pam x

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