My Ministry Day

I’ve had a lovely day today, spending most of my time on the phone talking with people. It has been one of the more frustrating things about having to concentrate on academic stuff so much, in that I’ve not had as much time as I would have liked to spend on “proper” ministry. And by that, I mean the people bit.

As I say, I spent most of the time on the phone today, and I have talked to some really lovely people. I listened to the fears of an elderly lady who was due at the dentist this afternoon, talked about funeral practices around the world with another lady, listened to a gentleman who I love and respect deeply tell me about the love of his life, and I have laughed and giggled my way through a chat with a 92 year old lady, who told me the binmen checked on her this morning because she wasn’t in her usual place at the window when they came to empty her bins. I’ve helped someone with a Universal Credit query, and prayed for someone who was worried about a missing family member (who has since turned up safe and well).

I feel like I’ve been useful today to other people, and I’m going to bed feeling fulfilled and upheld by the love of the people I’m called to serve.

Grace and Peace ,

Pamster x

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