Life by the Spirit

This is my Bible Journalling effort from tonight, where we looked at this passage from Galatians about life in the spirit.

We talked about the different ways that flesh battles with spirit, and how, when we try to live our lives according to the gifts of the spirit – love , joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, patience, faithfulness, generosity and self-control – it bears fruit in so many ways. My drawing is of a tree with these words representing leaves and branches. I don’t claim any meaningful significance in the placing of the words, they landed where they landed according how much room I had on the page and nothing more.

But as I added the colours, I realised that perhaps I was being guided by the Holy Spirit after all because my tree trunk is where the word “Faithfulness” appeared. To me, that does have significance because it forms the backbone to all the others. Anybody can be patient and kind, and be generous and loving etc, it doesn’t take a Christian to have those qualities. But to me, as a Christian, it is my faith in God from which all the others grow.

Taking the metaphor a bit further, sometimes I can feel my self control or patience start to wither, or my joy and patience can be blown around a bit when winter storms come, but like the tree trunk my faithfulness stands firm when all the rest feels fragile and vulnerable.

Grace and peace

Pam x

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