View from the PamCam – Trinity Sunday

It’s been a day filled with joy today, and I wanted to share a couple of pictures of my day with you.

I was privileged to preach at two services today. The first was at St Peter’s in Blackley Village, and then the second was up the hill at St Paul’s, and I have photos of both churches for you. I took some photos on the grounds of St Peter’s too, because the flowers and the trees looked fabulous against the clear blue sky.

I am so blessed to have been in the company of people of love me and support me at church today – they are truly family, and without them my journey to ordination just would be happening.

Later in the afternoon, I went out on my bike with my husband and we covered a good 10 miles in the gorgeous sunshine. I forgot to even think about sun cream so got a little crispy out there in the 24 degree sunshine, but it was so lovely to be out and about in it after what seems to have been an endless winter.

We visited two family graves while we were out, and for obvious reasons there are no photos of those. We stopped for a moment of reflection in the “paupers” section of St Joseph’s Cemetery, and I offered a prayer of thanksgiving for all those people buried so long ago in graves with up to 7 or 8 other people with probably little or no ceremony.

Surprisingly, we heard a parakeet up on the trees while we were there. Strange! I have an app on my phone that identifies birds by their calls, and even though I had a suspicion this was a budgie or a parrot, it was still surprising to have it confirmed on the app. He went quiet just as I tried to sample his call the first time, so I rang my bike bell to see if it would disturb him, and we had a fun five minutes playing with him – we would ring our bells and he answered us each time – fabulous! Sadly no photo because he was so well hidden in the leaves, but nevertheless, a joyous experience.

So that’s the view from the PamCam today. I hope you like the view!

Grace and peace,

Pam x

One thought on “View from the PamCam – Trinity Sunday

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your positivity your happiness and the sheer thankfulness for life. Stunning photos may God bless you and all who read your uplifting words. You are a rainbow in the dark sky.


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