Busy Mushy

It has been a busy time on the Mushy Cloud recently, and I’m really glad to say that my spell of “what am I doing next?” has come to an end. If you remember a few weeks ago I was struggling a bit because I’d finished my academic studies, I had no deadlines, and I was free to pursue my ministry….but with nothing to do other than that which I generated myself.

I admit that I didn’t like that time at all. I began to question myself quite quickly because even though I managed to occupy myself properly and made lots of things happen, I felt like I was freewheeling a bit, with my feet not really making contact with the ground.

But it has all changed and I am feeling energised and ready to go again.

Which is good news because for the last couple of weeks I have been active and fulfilled in my ministry both in person and from behind my screen. I took part in recording Sunday worship, began to work on a sermon I’m giving for the Open Table next week, did some funeral admin, edited and spliced the video from the recording on Friday, then wrote and recorded (with accompanying slides) my sermon, then edited it and posted it to the person who will be adding the subtitles and the BSL signer on Saturday. Sunday was all about hosting worship online and generating a conversation/discussion whilst the service was unfolding, and I assisted at a funeral this morning before spending time working on some clergy sewing, attending two meetings and preparing slides for a service tomorrow night. Tomorrow is looking to be just as busy, with Bible study, a meeting and a service in the evening and do you know what? I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

It feels like this is what my life is going to be like post-ordination and to be honest, I rather like it. I love interacting with people, I love supporting people in their grief and bereavement, and I absolutely love just journeying with people who are like me, following Christ the best way we can and living our lives trying our best to love each other as he taught us to do. I may not be earning any money from ministry, but it is providing riches beyond the scope of any bank balance and I am blessed to be doing this.

Love and light,

Pam x

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