You’ll Be In My Heart

In the course of my ministry in the church, I have had the privilege to be involved in some incredible moments, witnessing the highs and lows, the joys and the despair of human experience. As I now only a week away from ordination, God willing, I have been thinking about what my future ministry is going to look like and where God is going to call me next.

But as I ponder on the future and what may happen, there has been a memory today that has kept me company and I wanted to share some music with you that is closely tied to it.

I can’t give you any details, but there was a funeral I did with Eddie a few years ago that has stuck with me for many reasons, and every now and again I think of the person who died, and their family who have had to build a life together that they didn’t expect to have to do. I have been involved with lots of funerals now but this one is different, and whenever I hear this song, I am right back there with the family in their living room the night we planned the funeral and then sharing their grief in the crematorium chapel a few days later.

For “M”, who will always be in my heart.

Grace and peace


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