Holiday – Day 1

Phew! Made it…. We’re on holiday at last. It has been a long two years since we were able to come away in our caravan, and I’ve been looking forward to today with a mixture of excitement and dread. Excitement because I am in my favourite place, Northumberland, but a bit of dread because a lot has changed since we were last away, and I am leaving behind not one but both children this time round. And when I say “children”, don’t go reporting me to Social Services…. they are 28 and 22 respectively! Nevertheless it is a bit strange with neither of them here for the first time ever.

Today then has mostly been about travelling. Mostly on major roads like the M62 and M1, but also on the quieter A1 and the very quiet back roads on between the main road and the campsite. The further we travelled from home, the calmer I felt, and the bigger the skies got, the better I began to feel.

It was a joy to see sheep in the fields, and bales of hay that the farmers had baled and left for collection, and to see the various rivers and streams disappear under us when the road took us over them. We saw the Angel of the North from the main road, which always brings me a pang of happiness, and when we turned off the A1 to go towards our little campsite, I really got a pang of excitement and deep joy.

One of my favourite things about travelling in the British countryside is watching how the fields change colour depending on what the farmer is using them for. I love the way the different shades of yellow of the hay bales show up against the green trees that line the fields, and the way that both the yellows and the greens contrast with the different layers of blue and white skies. It’s always one of my summer aims to take the ultimate photograph that shows these colours off properly, which as ever, I usually fall short of capturing.

Tomorrow’s plan is to…. erm…. let the day unfold? We haven’t got any plans at all for these 10 days, and we are just going to see what happens when we get up in the morning. I have a couple of ideas of things I’d like to do, such as walk part of the Pilgrim’s Way onto the island of Lindisfarne and to visit Melrose Abbey if we can, but nothing is definite and we’re just going to take things as they come.

For now though, it is a clear sky and the air is quite chilly so it’s time to snuggle down in my sleeping bag and to wish you all a goodnight.

Grace and peace,

Pam x

4 thoughts on “Holiday – Day 1

  1. lesleykannenberg

    You are now in my neck of the wood there are other Abbey you could visit dryburgh Abbey beautiful views there, jedburgh Abbey right near jedburgh jail also open to the public and of course my local abbey kelso. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity you deserve the over due holiday. Have you been to keilder forest? For the night sky experience?? You really will feel closer to God. Enjoy yourselves hopefully the weather will stay kind for you. Watch for the midgets they are out in force.

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  2. lesleykannenberg

    You did a post in March about st Cuthbert well if you do go to jedburgh Abbey you could stop at Harestanes Country park signposted on the A68 and do a little of the st Cuthbert way walk going over a swing bridge and onto dere street. If you are a avid walker you can actually walk the four Abbey walk. I do hope you enjoy your holiday as the saying goes Northumberland is God’s own country, so I know your musings will be epic this next fortnight. If you want a cuppa with a exiled Mancunian you are welcome to call in, I live in Ednam village just outside Kelso only a small village ask anyone where to find Lesley with pippielongstocking the famous walking backwards dog and they will point out my cottage at the farm next door. Ednam has the Thompson monument with glorious views ( he wrote abide with me) and was from ednam. A beautiful wee church at ednam. Have a wonderful day the weather beautiful for you today.

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    1. Aw that’s wonderful thank you Lesley! We are aiming for a leisurely exploration this week and next and we might well end up near Kelso at some point. We have been quite a few times to this area now, and I keep coming back time and again for the peace and the sense of spirituality round here. It really does feel like my second home and I envy you living here. The weather has been fab today, but I think the forecast is not so good for tomorrow and the next few days – let’s see what happens and where the others wish to go, but if we come to Ednam, we’d love to call in. God bless x


      1. lesleykannenberg

        Just enjoy yourselves the offer there if you do visit kelso. Hope you get to bamburgh and seahouses for the fresh sea air. I thank God every day for the beauty of where I live and glad you love it here to. Hope you didn’t get the down pour we had at tea time here, wouldn’t be pleasant in your caravan. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like when you are with the people you love night God bless x


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