Holiday – Day 2

We’ve had a very nice, quiet day today. The furthest we travelled was down to Seahouses, which is only about 2 miles down the road, and we spent much of the day just enjoying the peace, the quiet and the sunshine.

Here’s a selection of photos from the ones I took down at the harbour and along the sea wall in Seahouses.

It was fairly busy down there, and the local boat trips were doing a roaring trade. There was a boat going out every couple of minutes, and every single one was full of passengers. The sun was glorious and the sea was beautifully calm, and it was so nice to just to wander about and enjoy simply being.

The site where we are camped is on a working farm and the farmers have been busy harvesting the grain from the fields today. There are three massive barns in the field next to us and every half an hour or so there is another tractor bringing in a load of grain. Each barn has a ventilation system and when the tractors go into it to dump their load, vents open up in the roof part of each one. I think it’s to do with reducing the risk of combustion or something. It is nearly 10.30 at night and there has just been another load delivered – it looks like they are going to work through the night tonight. I’m given to understand that the weather is due to change tomorrow so I don’t blame the farmers wanting to get their crops in while they can before the rain makes it impossible to harvest. We watched Clarkson’s Farm a few weeks ago and saw the difficulties he had trying to harvest grain at the optimum time whilst dodging the weather and it has given me a different insight into what the local farmers here are up against when the weather forecast is for rain. Let’s see what happens overnight.

We have no fixed plans for tomorrow but I think a trip to either Alnwick or Berwick might be on the cards. Depending on how bad the weather is, I might even suggest that we go for a visit up to Melrose Abbey. One of my commenters said on yesterday’s post that there are a few places locally here that we might like to visit, so thank you Lesley, I’ll be checking out your suggestions and putting them to the others to see what they think too. We love visiting abbeys and castles and all sorts of things like that, and so any suggestion to visit somewhere historic will always go down well with the tribe here.

I’m settling down in my sleeping bag tonight with a bit of a glow emanating from my neck and cheeks…. That will teach me to put suncream on properly at the seaside in August!!

Love and light,

Pamster…. Sunburned and relaxed…. xx

5 thoughts on “Holiday – Day 2

  1. lesleykannenberg

    Should have read this before your comment re sea houses, two places I could recommend are floors castle nice cafe in the grounds you will have seen it from kelso. There is also monteviot gardens Google Lothian Estates you might fancy walking up the Waterloo monument. Ferniehirst castle also part of Lothian Estates. There is the Jim Clark museum in duns also worth a visit. Enjoy what ever you decide to do x


  2. lesleykannenberg

    Good morning Pam and the gang, given it some thought yes very painful. Near to your caravan park there is wee villages of Ford and Etal don’t know if you have visited them before? Further up the A1 towards Edinburgh there is East Fortune air museum concord on view. If you go to the borders at galashiels there is Abbotsford house Walter Scott home. I am sure the visitor centre at the car park at sea houses have lots more ideas. The weather glorious here at the moment so hopefully you will be able to get out and about without getting to wet. Lovely pictures of sea houses by the way. Before you head to lindasfarne make sure you check the tide timetable don’t want to see you on the news being rescued, you might be rev Pam but I don’t think he will have shown you how to walk on water just yet think that comes years later. Happy Wednesday x


  3. lesleykannenberg

    Told you painful to think, not to far for you is coldsteam you could visit coldsteam guards museum and have a walk in the hirstel which is Douglas hulme ancestral home, that was the first place the grounds were open for the public, he wanted to share with everyone. I will leave you in peace now. A lovely day out could be to drive to tweedbank and park and get on the train to Edinburgh rather than drive in. There is also the mining museum at newtongrange just off the A1. Really will sign off now Lx


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