View from the PamCam

I have had a wonderful day today doing the things that I love the most, and that is ministering to people who are bereaved and who are grieving the loss of their loved ones.

I was privileged to be taking part in two funerals today – one was completely solo, and the other was with my supervisor, Eddie. The first one was at a different church to the ones I usually serve in, and it was followed by a burial at the local cemetery. The hearse was a horse drawn affair, and I have to say, hand on heart, if I could have snaffled the pair of black horses on parade today into the boot of my little Renault Clio, they would be munching on oats in my back garden tonight and forever. They were simply STUNNING, with their gleaming black coats, purple plumes and drapes, and their hooves polished to a high gloss shine with what I can only imagine was the horsey equivalent of parade gloss that bandsmen the world over use.

The second was for a Royal Navy veteran, and his service was conducted at the crematorium chapel. I co-led with Eddie, and I was taken aback at how moved to tears I was when I saw this gentleman’s naval cap on top of his coffin. I don’t usually get moved like that during a service, I can usually manage to save it up til I get home again, but today was different.

A view of Blackley Cemetery today

And so today’s view from the PamCam is in honour of both of these events. It shows a view of Blackley Cemetery as the sun is shining through the boughs of a weeping willow – appropriately for a cemetery. Both the burial and cremation today were at this beautiful place, and I wanted to share with you a view of it to show you that even though the purpose of this place is to bury our dead, it is also a “thin” place, where heaven touches earth and I feel especially close to God. I have always felt that about this beautiful parkland in Blackley, and today, I was reminded by the sunshine, the birdsong and the gentle breeze, just how fortunate I am to live in this glorious place.

Love and light,

Pamster x

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