Happy New Year !!

I know that some of us will have had some very high highs and some pretty gruesome lows last year, and for the most part, the events of last year will have been somewhere on that spectrum of emotion. It’s tempting to arrive at today, the first day of the year, feeling under some sort of pressure to improve in the days ahead. I don’t know about you, but this year, I don’t want to do that. Maybe it’s to do with my health situation, maybe it’s to do with my ministry journey and being a priest now? Maybe it’s something else…

Whatever it is, the words from Donna Ashworth ‘s poem “Life” say it far better than I can. I hope you find something in her words that strike you too.

No, 2023 won’t be the best year yet.
Nor will it be the worst.
You see, a year is a mosaic of absolutely everything.
Joy, fear, heartache, loss, beauty, pain, love.
Failure, learning, friendship, misery, exhilaration.
Each day, each moment even, is a tiny shard of glass in this beautiful, confusing creation.
2023 will be another mosaic to add to your wall of art.
A wall that shows the life, you are continuously gifted.
A wall that shows you are human.
A wall of survival.
I wish you many broken pieces of glass this year, my friends.
Because this is living.
And before you march on in to another year of ‘everything’, pause to look back, at the work you have created thus far.
It is quite something.
You are quite something.
Now onwards we go, my friends.
Onwards we go.

Donna Ashworth

Art by the amazing @eduardocalz08 Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

#art #poetry #newyear #newyearpoetry #2023

With every blessing, Pam x

2 thoughts on ““Life”

  1. I like this view, not everything can be good all the time.

    We have to cope with the bad too! But, hopefully 2023
    is going to be more good than bad . . . . 🍀

    May you enjoy 2023 as much as possible, dear Pam!

    🤗 Uta

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  2. dderbydave

    Hi Pam. Age, for me, tends to lessen the excitement of a new year beginning. Last year, as you say, there were ups and downs – my brother passed in August and my second grandson arrived in September. Ashley’s care continues as it always will and a second child flew the nest. We celebrated 25 years of marriage too. Life is a better focus than a constantly increasing number. Being kind and loving are resolutions for every day. Trusting your health is improving and that you are enjoying your ministry. xx

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