There are many ways of loving people, just as there are many ways of telling someone you love them. The traditional "three little words" work very well for a lot of the time, but sometimes it's not possible or practical or ethical or appropriate to say to someone, "I love you". It could be asking, …

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Rest Day

I'm having a rest day on the Mushy Cloud today. Back tomorrow!

Bank Holiday Monday

It's the May Day Bank Holiday here in the UK, and in true British style, after a month or so of perfect Spring weather, it has been freezing cold and absolutely bucketing it down for most of the day. We would usually try to get out for the day today, as today is a day …

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Who Are You?

Taken from my sermon this morning at St Andrew's Blackley, and on Facebook in our Online Church of NorthMancCofe group. It is Week 4 in our "Frontline Series" of teaching and learning from LICC, and the focus today is "Whoever We Are". The Bible passages referred to are Romans 8: 14 - 27, and Matthew …

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May Day

I wrote this blog post on 1st May 2011 and thought it would be good to reblog it today. Happy May Day everyone! England – that glorious melting pot of history and culture – celebrates May Day today, 1st May. Related to the pagan festival of Beltaine, May Day is a celebration to mark the …

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Before The Ending Of The Day

When I began my training with All Saints three years ago I was introduced different ways of engaging with prayer and liturgy. I had already begun to say Morning Prayer myself, but it was only in the company of others that I truly began to get involved with it and to appreciate it properly. One …

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Book Review: The Madness of Grief

The Madness of Grief by Richard Coles What is it all about? This is a beautiful book written by the Reverend Richard Coles in the aftermath of his beloved husband David’s death just before Christmas 2019. It is billed as a “memoir of love and loss”, which I find is a bit of an understatement. …

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Quiet Day

It has been a quiet day on the Mushy Cloud today, not much to report really. My college assignments are all finished for this year and we've got a house guest for a few days - all covid tested and we're in a safe bubble - so my routine is a bit different just at …

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A Spring Walk

We have been blessed with a spell of wonderful Spring weather recently and today, needing to stretch our legs and enjoy some fresh air, my friend Phil and I went for a walk up in Saddleworth. As it happens, the weather broke today and the forecast was for rain, possible thunder and possible localised flooding …

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Monday Funny

Something funny to cheer your Monday up. For some reason, every time I see this it just makes me laugh. I hope you find it funny too! Pamster x