The Fairy Tale of The Sadness

I read this story today and it absolutely struck a chord with me. It was written by Gestalt therapist Inge Wuthe and it invites us to reflect on the range of emotions that all go in to make us human. Once there was a small woman walking along a dusty sidewalk. She probably was already …

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It's been a been a day and a half today, and we've reached nightfall before I'm ready. I like being busy but I feel I've been down a wormhole and come out at a different time today. Tomorrow is another day, thank the Lord! Grace and peace, Pamster x

Blue Roses

Still feeling a little fragile today. On top of the other health stuff that's weighing me down at the minute I've had my flu jab and an armful of blood taken today which has left me feeling sore, miserable and mard tonight. I am suffering a little with a fibromyalgia flare up tonight, and the …

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Feeling Fragile

Do you ever get those times where you feel a bit fragile? I'm feeling like that at the minute if the truth is told. I've had a couple of health issues recently and an appointment with my GP on Monday last week has left me feeling a bit on the touchy and fragile-y side of …

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Sleepy Pamster

I'm having a day off from the Mushy Cloud today. Back tomorrow! Grace and peace Pamster x

View from the PamCam

Today's view from the PamCam is from one of my favourite places, Blackley Crematorium. Yes, yes I know, it sounds morbid and everything, but honestly the sense of peace and tranquility I find here is absolutely gorgeous. I shared with you a photo a couple of weeks ago of a similar view (I think I …

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Bee Happy

Just a quick reminder to beeee happy. Life can often throw us curveballs that are difficult to dodge, and occasionally they can come at us so fast we can't get our heads round how to react. They can leave us feeling confused or bewildered, and every so often it can feel like the world has …

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View from the PamCam – 3rd October

Today's view from the PamCam is of the Mother House, AKA Manchester Cathedral. I was here this afternoon for a clergy conference It was lovely to be in a crowded space again after all this time, and though one or two people were still wearing facemasks, the majority of us were not. It was such …

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PamBook – 2nd October

Today is… Saturday, 2nd October Photo by Pixabay on What I’ve been up to today… I had a funeral visit at lunchtime today, and the afternoon has been spent preparing for services tomorrow and doing a little on one of my current works-in-progress What I see from my window… rain, dark grey skies, puddles, …

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Rest Day

"Owl" by having a rest today on the Mushy Cloud. Back tomorrow! Grace and peace, Pamster x