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4 thoughts on “Legal Stuff”

  1. I always love reading peoples memories of Blackley. I was born on Middleton Old Road (the house was later painted up as ‘the Swiss cottage’) moved to prefabs in the Clough and then onto Longton Road next to the scout hut., The old mill site you mentioned (now Sainsburys) was one of my teenage employers – Heaton Mills – and I agree with you that Blackley is so green. In my teens, I and friends would spend endless summer days, and nights, in Rhodes woods; sadly divided by the M60 now. I get the impression you are a bit younger than I – born 1957 – so I doubt you will remember the tripe shop (opposite Ye Golden Lion where my grandmother was a cleaner for Mr Devanney) the record shop & pet shop down near The Fox (where my grandfather captained the darts team) in the village which really was a village then, unfortunately all now gone. Keep up the blog.
    PS. I was baptised in St Peters and my parents married there.


  2. Hi, I’m admin of a local FB Group (none political and no commercial or advertising is allowed on the group). I’ve seen your link to your recent article about Blackley on another group and wonder if you would be will to share your lovely articles on our group under your own name?

    Moston Harpurhey & surrounding area.

    Would love to hear from you.

    Kind regards


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