Happy 18th Birthday

Happy 18th birthday Ethan!!


Here’s my son on his 18th birthday today, but I couldn’t resist looking up some old photographs to share with you from when he was a little tiddler. Sorry son!


Both me and his dad are very proud of the young man he is turning into, and we are both extremely proud to be called his parents.



Daybook Entry – 27th May 2015

021114_2314_DaybookEntr1.jpgFOR TODAY 27th May (Happy Birthday Alan x) 

Outside my window… It feels like Autumn! So cold I’ve had to put the heating on again.

I am thinking… about getting over the finishing line with my OU modules. I submitted my first piece of work earlier this week and I have got two left which need to be done before next Tuesday. I can see myself doing it, but when I come to actually do it (like, put hands to keyboard or pen in hand) I can’t seem to make any progress.

I am thankful… that I have had this chance to learn more about music and to push myself creatively and academically.

In the kitchen… I have a bundle of home-grown rhubarb from my Dad’s garden that needs making up into a crumble.

I am wearing… blue t-shirt, blue tracksuit bottoms and my favourite pair of socks.

I am creating… Celtic knots. In the midst of my end-of-module stress I needed to find something that would be completely different and would give my mind something else to think about, so I taught myself how to draw Celtic knotwork designs.



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I am going… to a small ceremony to scatter my Aunty Jackie’s ashes tomorrow.

I am praying… for my father in law who is very poorly in body and mind; my cousins for tomorrow; my daughter who has had the last exam of her law degree today and is now facing The Rest Of Her Life; that the Royal Navy medical staff pass her fit so she can begin training this year; my husband who needs some TLC at the minute.

I am wondering… if I’m going to pass my modules this summer. Ithink I will, but it’s not the same as knowing I will.

I am reading… “Holy Island” by L J Ross. I think it is the same book I was reading the last time I did a daybook entry, but I have not had much time for reading recently. Must get that rectified after next week!

I am hoping… the weather is good tomorrow. My son has marching practice with the band he is playing for on Whit Friday tomorrow morning. I don’t think they’ll be happy if it’s raining in the morning.

I am looking forward to… having some time to relax and not worry about hitting a deadline. The past couple of months have been a bit mad in that respect.

I am learning… connected to the Celtic knotwork above, I am learning not to feel guilty about time away from “duties” of studying and working for my degree.

Around the house… ummm things are definitely messy. Got lots of stuff still from my parents in law’s bungalow to sift through and either store or throw away, and even though the bathroom is clean (one of my favourite procrastination techniques) there is plenty that has been left for too long.

I am pondering… what module to do next year. Do I continue with creative writing and venture into the world of screenplays and TV work? Or do I pursue music, which though it will be interesting I feel will be pushing beyond what I need to know for my own enjoyment (and which has an exam at the end). Or do I stop now and allow room for OLM things to come through? Or, do I do creative writing until OLM comes through (if it ever will), or do I do both music AND writing so I will definitely get my degree this time next year but put myself through incredible stress to do it and risk shutting out OLM things? Or can I do all three? Or something else… Children’s Literature for example. Or Roman Myths and Legends. Decisions, decisions.

A favourite quote for today… Me: You know that Westboro Baptist Church? Kevin: Is that the one in Chadderton? (Doesn’t understand why I fall about laughing)

One of my favourite things… used to be reading in my nice comfy bed before I went to sleep. But we recently got a new mattress and I’ve gone from having Baby Bear’s bed to Daddy Bear’s bed. My spine certainly feels the difference but it has spoiled my late night read. Sigh…

A few plans for the rest of the week: still got a song to write and an analysis essay to write for my OU module (which I might work on while I’m in the car waiting for Ethan tomorrow morning), scattering ashes in the afternoon, healing service in the evening, Whit Friday on Friday (not going myself, but Ethan needs taxiing about), church on Sunday, finishing off my music and essay over the weekend.

A peek into my day…

The very long score I have to analyise and then write an essay on.




Me at work whilst watching the State Opening of Parliament. Probably not the best idea.





Reasons To Be Grateful

My top twelve reasons to be grateful this week:

1. I am grateful to everyone who has wished me happy birthday today either in person, by text or on Facebook. I didn’t realise just how many friends I have got 🙂

2. I am grateful to my husband for giving me such a beautiful bunch of flowers (and a huge box of chocolates!)  for my birthday today.

3. I am grateful to the carer who wrote my card on behalf of my Gran and put it in the post so it got here in time this weekend. She has never failed to send a card in all my years and now she is nearly totally blind and is completely housebound she relies on carers to do things like that for her now.

4. I am grateful to my church family just for being there and allowing me to be myself. Wednesday’s Pizza and Praise night was a totally joyous evening and we had a great time together. They also sang to me this morning, led beautifully by 4yr old Darcey.

5. I am grateful to Spencer Harris for demonstrating a trust in me to get the job done and for restoring a bit of my self-confidence this week.

6. I am grateful to my Aunty Pat for bringing my Grandma to come and see me today. I’ve not seen either of them for ages and it was a lovely surprise to see them at my back door tonight.

7. I am grateful to my friend Phil for putting up with the grumpy me as well as the happy me throughout this week.

8. I am grateful for my Kindle. I have mentioned it before, but this piece of kit has really revved up my desire for reading and is as almost as a constant companion to me as my mobile phone is! I have read two novels on it this week as well as a tree-book. Note to self…tapping on the edge of a page of a tree-book will NOT turn the page over as it does on a Kindle.

9. I am grateful for my kids. They inspire me, revive me, exasperate me, chastise me, energise me and comfort me.

10. I am grateful for my bed. I have mentioned this before too, but honestly, this week my body has been particularly sore and my bed has been a wonderful haven for me to rest and sleep in. Every time I lie in my bed I say a prayer of thanks.

11. I am grateful for the support and appreciation my blogging family (my “bliblings”)  have given me this week. Especially Barefoot Baroness 🙂

12. I am grateful that the Atos nurse on Friday was compassionate and understanding. It might not do me any good, but at least I felt that she listened to me properly.


My birthday flowers



Happy Birthday Emma

Today is my daughter’s 18th birthday and I wanted to share with you my joy at having had her in my life for this long so far.

18 years of fun, love, laughter, hardship, tears, scrapes, bumps, games, jokes, holidays, bike rides, parties, tickling sessions, stories, hugs, kisses, dressing up, jigsaws, parent’s evenings, concerts, music lessons, eye tests, haircuts, baths, paddling pools, conker hunting, baking, swimming, days out, ice-creams, boat rides, sleep overs, skipping ropes, marching practices, train rides……oh my goodness the list is endless!!

Today sees the start of adulthood and ahead of her is a whole new world of choice, chance and adventure and I’m so proud to call her my daughter.

Happy birthday sweetheart xx