First Baptism

I was absolutely over the moon to baptise my first child today. Words like "humbled" and "privileged" sometimes sound very trite when we talk about them in ministry, but today I really did feel those things... and more! I led the service and my colleague Andy did the necessary blessings and prayers over the water, …

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All You Need

Love and light, Pam x

Day 250

I started this year with a commitment to post something to my blog every day, and today marks the 250th day in a row I've shared with you on the Mushy Cloud. There has been just one day where I had a "guest" contributor, and that was my husband on the day that I was …

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Don't you just love Autumn? The season where nature bursts into glorious colour, where fruits and berries become ripe and the harvest is ready for bringing in. Where mornings are cool and dewy and afternoons are hazy and languid. Where thoughts begin to turn towards filling and nutritious stews and soups for tea, and warm …

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He has made everything beautiful

Walking The Walk, Or Just Talking The Talk?

From my sermon offered online this morning. The readings were: Deuteronomy 4: 1-2, 6-9; James 1: 17-27 and Mark 7: 1-8, 14, 15, 21-23 In the name of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit, Amen A few years ago I went to a City match at the Etihad, and at some point in …

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How Great Thou Art

I love to listen to worship songs and hymns, and I particularly love traditional ones done in a modern way. However, I have recently stumbled across a style of performing traditional hymns that is both modern yet traditional at the same time. Here is a beautiful rendition of a traditional hymn performed in a modern …

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PamBook Entry – 19th August

Today is… Thursday What I’ve been up to today… a bit of admin, a funeral visit, a catch-up with a colleague and friend, a meeting and a bit of pottering What I see from my window… my neighbour's car that was crashed into by a hit and run today On my mind is… the people …

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Who You Say I Am

I want to share with you a version of a worship song that I've come to know and love in recent years. The version I have for you today is new to me, and was used by my friend Jane in her Sunday morning service yesterday. It is by Hillsong and the graphics on this …

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Holiday – Day 5: Melrose

We have had bad weather threatened for the last couple days, with the heaviest of the rainfall due today. So far, the predictions have been wrong and we have had lots of sunshine and clear (ish) blue skies for the most part. We had a touch of rain in places yesterday but all in all, …

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