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On Placement – Part One

It has been a while since I updated you all about what’s happening with my spiritual journey so I thought today was a good day to share with you where I am up to. You may know that I am … Continue reading

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Funeral Ministry

I experienced two contrasting funerals today, and they have made me think about the things that unite us as well as the things that divide us. You might know already that I am a lay minister in my church and … Continue reading

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M is for Many Things

M is for Many Things I have been thinking all day about what I could post for my “M” day today and to be honest, I was struggling to come up with a single suitable category. So I’m going to … Continue reading

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Day/Night Book Entry – 12th Jan

I apologise for another Daybook Entry so close after the last one but there is so much going on at the moment I am using the format to try to get a handle on things by getting my thoughts down … Continue reading

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This evening, my daughter was confirmed into the faith of the Church of England. I am so proud of her. For those readers who are not Christian, to be confirmed is the next step following baptism and is usually a … Continue reading

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