Daybook Entry 22nd May 2017

For Today... 22nd May 2017 Outside my window... the evening is cooling down a little. Some clouds in the sky but some bright sunshine too. A great metaphor for life! I am thinking... about a painting I’m working on for a friend I am thankful... for the space to think today I am praying for…... Continue Reading →

January Daybook

For Today... 11th January 2017 Looking out my window... I can see clear blue skies, but I can hear the wind howling and there is a storm on its way. I am thinking... I might cook cheesy bacon pasta for tea tonight. I am thankful... that mental health in young people is taken seriously. One... Continue Reading →

Daybook Entry -7th November 2016

For Today... 7th November Outside my window... the weather is miserable. It is bitterly cold and the drizzle has got needle edges on it. I am thinking... that I am glad I took some time out last weekend to have a rest and to gather my strength. I am thankful... for the food in my... Continue Reading →

Daybook Entry – 29th March 2016

For Today... 29th March 2016 Outside my window... there is the remnants of Storm Katie battering the house and there is a definite chill in the air tonight. It’s wet, cold, windy and miserable I am thinking... how much my own body hates me at times I am thankful... my prescription arrived today I am... Continue Reading →

Dreary Daybook

For Today... 8th February 2016 Outside my window... it’s horrible out there tonight. Wind, rain, more rain, more wind, even more rain and wind. And we have a leaky roof. I am thinking... about my son’s parents’ evening we have been to tonight. I am thankful... that I didn’t kill him on the way home... Continue Reading →

Daybook – 22nd October

For Today... 22nd October 2015 Outside my window... clear skies, stars shining like rock hard chips of diamonds. Dampness in the air will mean a frosty morning tomorrow. I am thinking... about how complicated life can be sometimes. I am thankful... that when I fell yesterday I didn’t break any bones. I am wearing... a... Continue Reading →

Daybook Entry – 8th October 2015

For Today... 8th October 2015 Outside my window... somewhere not too far north from here, the Northern Lights are glowing again. I wish I could jump in the car and head up the M6 to see for myself! I am thinking... about a short story I am trying to write in a different genre than... Continue Reading →

H is for Hippo

We are on day 8 of the Blogging from A-Z challenge and we have arrived at the letter H. You may know that I am very keen on crocheting, and I particularly like the quirky and the cute. I've done blankets and hats, scarves and gloves, stuffed toys (Ethan's Super-Monkey is still a treasured favourite),... Continue Reading →

Saturday PamCam

Ah this is the life!  Feet up with crochet in hand and Manchester City on the TV. They are winning 5-0 at the minute too. After the busy week I've had and a four hour tutorial this afternoon I'm enjoying this!!

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