January Daybook

simple-woman-daybook-largeFor Today… 11th January 2017

Looking out my window… I can see clear blue skies, but I can hear the wind howling and there is a storm on its way.

I am thinking… I might cook cheesy bacon pasta for tea tonight.

I am thankful… that mental health in young people is taken seriously.

One of my favourite things… is driving with my son to band practice and having a natter about all sorts of things, both big and small.

I am creating… this little beauty. I began it during the evening on Boxing Day (for my non-UK readers, Boxing Day is the day after Christmas Day) and it is going to be used when we go away in our caravan this summer.

Rectangle blanket based on the traditional "granny" stitch, using rainbow colours. Three repeats of the individual colours followed by three rows of each colour afterwards. Just starting the blue three now and hopefully will finish it this weekend.
Rectangle blanket based on the traditional “granny” stitch, using rainbow colours. Three repeats of the individual colours followed by three rows of each colour afterwards. Just starting the blue three now and hopefully will finish it this weekend.

I am wearing… layers, layers and layers today. The heating is on but I’m bone-cold.

I am reading… “The Coroner (Coroner: Jenny Cooper Series)” by M R Hall

I am watching… The BDO World Championships on TV this week. I love watching the darts, and the BDO suits me because it is not as high-powered or glitzy as the PDC competitions. Darts are good to crochet to as I can listen and only half watch the TV as I’m concentrating on the yarn in my hands.

I have been listening to… Pemberton Old Band rehearsing for a competition this weekend in Skegness. My son plays bass trombone for them and I sometimes give him a lift to rehearsals. I have enjoyed the experience of being a groupie rather than a player since he started playing with them, and it makes a refreshing change for me to hear a piece of music being crafted into a performance piece to contest level by a band of this calibre. They are in the First Section (one level down from the Championship Section but working on their way back up) and they are a level above where I played with Middleton Band before I stopped playing.

I am hoping… my brother recovers quickly from his surgery yesterday.

I am learning… to trust my instinct.

In my kitchen… I have been making the effort to cook proper meals from scratch. We have a limited food budget and sometimes it can be a challenge to eat healthily all the time, and I have been enjoying the challenge of finding recipes and dishes that we can eat to fill us up, fill us up healthily, fill us up healthily and inexpensively.

Board room… we are looking at the story of Jonah and the Whale for our next Messy Church and I really want to do this activity with the children:

Post Script: I found this site (Strategies for dealing with change) when I was looking for something to help someone I love who is going through some really difficult, anxious times. I found this picture, and thought it would be great to share with you too. Please visit the host site for more like this.


Shared Quote…

Closing Notes… I began this post this morning, about 12 hours ago (which is why I said the sky is clear blue and not the midnight black it is now) and today has been another one that has been packed with drama, fun, music, family, planning, crafting and laughter. I thank God that my life is so varied and that it is filled with so many people who stimulate me in so many different ways. I have to say that being a mum is challenging at the minute, and I trust God to see us through the particular storm we are weathering just now. I am grateful to my friends who visited today too – a bit of a giggle and a chat with people you love goes a long way to making things feel better! And music. Ah music. Where would I be without you? Laughing with Ethan and Megan in the car going to band rehearsal tonight and having fun finding music that we all like. Fortunately all three of us have similar musical taste and we enjoyed a great 45 minutes each way listening to all sorts of stuff, from First Class’ “Beach Baby”, to the cast recording of songs from “Sweet Charity”, by way of Glen Campbell and his “Rhinestone Cowboy” (with alternative words, courtesy of yours truly) and a bit of “Hairspray” to finish with. You definitely can’t stop the beat if you’re travelling with the Pamster at the minute!



Daybook Entry -7th November 2016

simple-woman-daybook-largeFor Today… 7th November

Outside my window… the weather is miserable. It is bitterly cold and the drizzle has got needle edges on it.

I am thinking… that I am glad I took some time out last weekend to have a rest and to gather my strength.

I am thankful… for the food in my freezer. That might sound like a very trite thing to say, but trust me, it’s not. Times are hard and money is extremely tight, and we managed to pull together enough money last week for two weeks’ worth of groceries to be able to batch cook meals in individual portions for the coming months. Not only do we have the security of knowing there are meals ready prepared (and with fresh produce, and where I know exactly what’s in them) but we also have enough to share.

I am praying for… my son’s girlfriend and her family who were suddenly thrown out of their home on Friday. They have had to split the family up to find accommodation for the short term, and she is staying with us for a while until her mum and dad can get back on their feet. I am also praying for my own family, particularly my husband, for the strength to keep going and to trust that things are going to work out one day.

I am creating… crocheted mini Christmas stockings for a bit of fun, and I’m working on a hat for myself for winter.

I am going… to meet up with an old friend sometime soon who I haven’t seen for ages.

I am wondering… whether I am going to finish NaNoWriMo this year. Signs are not good so far, but there’s time yet!

I am reading… “The Hanging Tree” by Ben Aaronovitch. It is the latest in a series of books about a special department of the Metropolitan Police which deals with the magical as well as the criminal. The others have been very good and so far this one is turning out to be the same.

I am hoping… my Achilles tendon heals soon because as the weather is getting colder, it is aching more and the lump has come back again.

I am learning… to look for the fingerprints of God in everything around me.

In my garden… a tennis ball randomly appeared one day last week. I don’t know where it came from and it has gone again now. Who? Why? When? What? How come??

In my kitchen… I have made a concerted effort to cook from scratch every night for the past couple of weeks, and it is paying off. I did a lot of research into budget and straightforward recipes that used basic ingredients that I could get cheaply, and I have been trying out some really good and exciting new dishes as well as making some of our family favourites for meals. It has been a useful exercise – not only is it costing us less, but it is healthier and I feel more useful in the house by contributing something by cooking for us all. Tis a good feeling.

A favourite quote for today… “some days you’re more on top of your horse than others” (can’t remember who said it, but it is a good one!)

A peek into one of my days… my graduation last week. I was conferred the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Humanities with Creative Writing from The Open University at the Bridgewater Hall. Phew what a mouthful, but what a day! Thoroughly enjoyed it and I could get used to wearing that gown and hood.

One of my favourite things… is clean sheets, clean pyjamas and a clean body before bedtime. Bliss!

Post Script: You may have gathered things are a little difficult at the moment, and it has left me unwilling/unable to blog very much recently. Trust me, I feel better than I did a little while ago so I will be making every effort to try to blog a bit more in the coming weeks. There are lots of things on the calendar coming up with band and church and so on, so keep watching, things are going to be interesting to say the least.


Daybook Entry – 29th March 2016

012614_1641_DaybookEntr1.jpgFor Today… 29th March 2016

Outside my window… there is the remnants of Storm Katie battering the house and there is a definite chill in the air tonight. It’s wet, cold, windy and miserable

I am thinking… how much my own body hates me at times

I am thankful… my prescription arrived today

I am praying for… there seems to be so many people close to me who are affected by serious illness , whether their own or a close loved one and my prayers today re for them. It is very hard to stand by and watch people you love being affected by health problems and you feel especially helpless because there’s nothing you can do to take away the pain for them. My prayer is for calmness and strength to endure the pain of watching loved ones in pain.

I am wearing… my comfy socks. They are the ones I wear when I’ve had a shower and they are just the right amount of tightness to be secure without strangling my feet, soft enough to be comforting but not that soft they irritate my skin and they have just the right amount of stretch to stay in place without cutting off the blood supply in my ankles or slipping down under my heels. Win win!

I am creating…  prayer bears. Here’s a photo of one I made for my friend Hils over the weekend. I have adapted the pattern since then and am now on for my third one. They are lovely to crochet and are so cute when they are made up.

Prayer Bear for my friend Hils
Prayer Bear for my friend Hils

I am going… to get ahead with my studies this week. There is a week’s break on the calendar for both modules this week and I am up to date after a mammoth effort before Easter to catch up with all my work. However, there is a heavy reading list to get through in the next couple of weeks so if I can do something to get ahead this week I’ll be doing myself some favours.

I am wondering… what’s wrong with Terry the Terrapin. He seems very lethargic and not fond of his food at the minute, and there are a couple of white patches on his shell. They look like he might be getting ready to shed again, but I don’t like it when he basks all day instead of swimming about and digging in his rocks.

buffalo soldier book coverI am reading…  “Buffalo Soldier” by Tanya Landman. I’m ostensibly reading it for my assessment at the end of my Children’s Literature module, but it is so good I am enjoying it in its own right. It’s the story of “Charley O’Hara”, a freed slave girl who disguises herself as a man to join the US Army just after the American Civil War. She finds that freedom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I am hoping… my little sunflower (planted on Saturday) is weathering well in the horrible cold rain we are having. Come on little flower, you can do it!

I am learning… not yet, but when I’ve finished my degree I have two things on my hit list to learn, one is sign language and the other is shorthand. I don’t mind if I just manage to cover the basics in both of them but it’s something I want to do for fun.

In my garden… apart from my little sunflower seed (come on little seed, you can do it) there are lovely clumps of daffodils, some crocus, lots of greenery and a sad little football that has blown into the middle of the lawn from somewhere.

DSC_0177 (1)
Wet daffs in the garden


Stormy garden with random football sadly sitting in the middle of the grass
Stormy garden with random football sadly sitting in the middle of the grass



In my kitchen… I made a lamb biryani last night for tea, which I usually make with curry paste that you can get in a jar. Last night’s choice was Madras, but there wasn’t enough left in the jar from last time so I topped it up with the remains of a Rogan Josh jar from the time before. The trouble is that I’d already added some cumin seeds to the onions and lamb in the pan and the resulting sauce was, erm, a bit warm to say the least. It was so warm that we were in physical pain from the third or fourth forkful each. But it was absolutely delicious once the pain had subsided and the leftovers today have gone down a treat.

A favourite quote for today… 

“We know not what we shall be”; but we may be sure we shall be more, not less, than we were on earth. Our natural experiences (sensory, emotional, imaginative) are only like the drawing, like pencilled lines on flat paper. If they vanish in the risen life, they will vanish only as pencil lines vanish from the real landscape, not as a candle flame that is put out but as a candle flame which becomes invisible because someone has pulled up the blind, thrown open the shutters, and let in the blaze of the risen sun.

From The Weight of Sun by C S Lewis

A peek into one of my days…

These two photographs show two sides of my Easter weekend. The first shows my Gran sitting with my son at the Maundy Thursday supper we had at church last week. We had a lovely service beforehand and then ate together afterwards, sharing a lamb supper with around 90 people. The second photo shows the cross swathed in a black cloth on the steps at St Peter’s church where we had held a prayer morning on Saturday. This photo shows the pathway of light we lit as part of our prayers, and to me these two photos represent so much about what my life is all about. Family, faith, fellowship, prayer, hope and love.

One of my favourite things… is taking time to appreciate and give thanks for the beauty of creation.

From the board room…

These are definitely on the cards for me to make this summer!

Post Script:

I have been absent from my blog for a little while, but hopefully I’m back now. Things have been pretty manic recently, with assignments on top of extra reading for the OU and me being ill (again). I am through the worst of it now and am looking at life with a bit more renewed energy so fingers crossed blogging will be back up the list of my priorities again.

Here goes!


Dreary Daybook

8598a-simple-woman-daybook-largeFor Today… 8th February 2016

Outside my window… it’s horrible out there tonight. Wind, rain, more rain, more wind, even more rain and wind. And we have a leaky roof.

I am thinking… about my son’s parents’ evening we have been to tonight.

I am thankful… that I didn’t kill him on the way home but not quite as thankful as him!

I am praying for… Simon and his family; Anne Marie and Lauren.

I am wearing… pink jumper, grey t-shirt, black jogging pants, blue and white stripy socks. I am a walking piece of designer artwork this evening.

I am creating… not very much at the minute as I’m not feeling very creative. However, I did make these the other night to pass a quick half hour and some spare wool from my stash.


I am going… to spend the whole day working on my writing assignment tomorrow.

I am wondering… how my brother Alan and his wife Debbie are doing. We haven’t seen them for ages and it’s high time we organised a visit.

I am reading… “Abattoir Blues” by Peter Robinsonabattoir-blues-paperback

I am hoping… for an unbroken night’s sleep tonight. Last night was disturbed by the need to wake up early today, meaning that in order for me not to oversleep I was subconsciously scared of not going to sleep properly in the first place. Gah! Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

I am learning… to trust my instincts about storytelling.

In my garden… we have had a robin visit us every day for the past few days. I think he’s looking for food so I might put some out on the feeder for him.

A favourite quote for today… “I passed!!! XX” (From my daughter Emma who passed her driving test today at the first time of trying. Thanks muchly to my brother John who has been her driving instructor and whose brilliant teaching has got her through first time).

emma driving test

A peek into my day today… in the space of about 20 minutes I saw these two idiotic drivers parking like this. The first picture shows you a small sports car parked on the pavement with his offside wheels stuck in a grass verge, made muddy by the torrential rain all day and where he has parked because there was no room on the road. I filmed him trying to get out and I was not prepared to help him – apart from the fact it was wet, muddy and dangerous, my thoughts are that he got himself into that mess because of his own stupidity so he can get himself out. Or wait until there’s space on the road.


And this second picture is after a man drove up, threw his car into the disabled parking space, and then RAN into Asda at Eastlands. No blue badge on the dashboard, and no consideration for anybody who might have needed that spot right by the door. He couldn’t even get it between the (extra wide) lines.


One of my favourite things… is being told how lovely my children are, and especially how polite and well-behaved they are.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I have an assignment due on Monday next week so I will be mostly working on that, but I have a lot of critical reading to do for my children’s literature too so it’s going to be a heavy study week this week. It is the start of Lent on Wednesday, so I will be going to an Ash Wednesday service at my church on Wednesday evening after a visit from my friend Helen and Friday night is band night.


Daybook – 22nd October

8598a-simple-woman-daybook-largeFor Today… 22nd October 2015

Outside my window… clear skies, stars shining like rock hard chips of diamonds. Dampness in the air will mean a frosty morning tomorrow.

I am thinking… about how complicated life can be sometimes.

I am thankful… that when I fell yesterday I didn’t break any bones.

I am wearing… a tie-dyed t-shirt that I did as part of a camp activity with Brigade about 15 years ago. It’s still doing well and doesn’t look that old really!

I am creating… some hats for Christmas presents. Ssshhhh can’t tell you anything else just yet *wink wink*

I am going… to change around the living room over the weekend. We need to move the two seater settee away from the radiator as the room doesn’t really get very warm and we need to sort that out before winter sets in, and I want the TV to go in another corner of the room so we will be swapping that for Terry’s tank. Big job which will involve emptying, cleaning and refilling the aquarium, drilling holes in the wall for the TV brackets, moving two settees, hiding my yarn stash (haha good luck with that…) and moving two Ikea storage units. When I say “we” I mean “Kevin”, naturally.

I am wondering… which assignment to tackle first. I have got one for each module due in next Thursday and I don’t know which one to do tomorrow, and which one to leave until the start of next week. I have a feeling the creative writing one is going to need more revision so I might do that tomorrow and leave it to stew for a bit while I do the children’s literature one. Decisions, decisions…

I am reading… “Flash and Bones” by Kathy Reichs. It’s the 14th book in the Temperance Brennan (Bones) series, and is a nice distracting read away from the essays and critical analyses of children’s literature I’ve been doing this week.

I am hoping… we get a full turn out at band tomorrow night. We have got a few things to rehearse for Remembrance Sunday and then it’s full steam ahead for Christmas.

I am praying… for my son who is having a little difficulty with the transition from secondary school to college; my friend who is worried about his family breaking apart; a friend who is having professional difficulties at work; my church family who are about to start a very busy period of ministry leading up to and beyond Christmas.

I am learning… more about fairy tales than I thought was possible. And I’m loving it!

In my garden… I have had a lot of activity around my bird table this week. Blue tits and Great tits mainly, but the occasional squirrel and robin too. I haven’t been able to take a photo yet, but I will do if I can.

In my kitchen… I want to try some of the delicious recipes I keep seeing on my newsfeed on Facebook, and the one that is top of my list (when I’m brave enough) is the one for “breakfast eggs” which are done in a muffin tin and use bits of bacon and/or spring onions and other bits and pieces. They look gorgeous and I want to have a go.

Breakfast eggs


A favourite quote for today…




A peek into one of my days… 

all who are thirsty

This is a slide from a slide show I produced for tonight’s Praise and Pizza session at church. I did three like this, and it’s our version of the old bouncing ball, and it’s how we learn new songs. I love doing these and it’s a great way to have some fun with people because not everyone can read music, but most people can follow the ups and downs of music presented like this.

One of my favourite things… is settling down with a good book and enjoying a bit of escapism for a little while.

From the board room…

I love these! Can’t wait to make one. I bought the pattern last week and they are so cute.

Post Script… I had a disastrous day yesterday – couldn’t settle down to study, managed to give myself an electric shock unplugging my laptop, somehow fell of my chair at my desk (it moved from under me on its own, I swear), developed a big white spot on a very sore tonsil in the middle of a very sore throat – but today has been MUCH better. I managed to get down my “to do” list, I really got to grips with my studies this afternoon, my sore throat has settled down to a dull roar now, and I managed to get through the day without injuring either myself or anyone else. Result!!


Daybook Entry – 8th October 2015

8598a-simple-woman-daybook-largeFor Today… 8th October 2015

Outside my window… somewhere not too far north from here, the Northern Lights are glowing again. I wish I could jump in the car and head up the M6 to see for myself!

I am thinking… about a short story I am trying to write in a different genre than I’m used to. I’m not so much stuck for inspiration as bravery. It’s a big deal to step out of my comfort zone but that’s precisely why I wanted to do this OU course.

I am thankful… that when I woke up screaming after night terrors last night my husband was there to calm me down. Sometimes, having as vivid an imagination as mine can have its drawbacks.

I am wearing… my hair in a shorter style than I’ve had it for a while. It’s still long enough to tie back (mostly) but it feels different being off my collar.

I am creating… a winter blanket for the living room. It’s coming along slowly because I can only do a patch at a time in the odd evening. I’m probably about three quarters through crocheting the individual patches and then comes the mammoth job of joining them together and edging it.

I am going… to post a reminder on Facebook shortly for a prayer morning we’re holding at my church on Saturday morning. It’s at St Paul’s in Blackley if anyone is interested in joining in.

I am wondering… if I’ll sleep through the night tonight.

I am reading… as well as the set books for my OU module on Children’s Literature, I am working my way through Kathy Reich’s series at the moment. I’m currently reading “Spider Bones” which is the 12th or 13th I think. I have got “The Colour of Magic” by Terry Pratchett lined up when I’ve finished that one.

I am hoping… that the Northern Lights will be visible when we’re driving back from band tomorrow night. I really want to see the Northern Lights, can you tell?!

I am learning… how to craft my writing better. I have a tendency to be too verbose in my fiction writing and I am learning how to rein it in.

In my garden… we have a rosebush that is still in bloom, even though the season has changed. It’s a remarkable thing because it came from my mother and father in law’s garden at their bungalow when we cleared it a couple of months ago. It’s a nice connection to them now that they are not here themselves to enjoy it.

In my kitchen… Kevin made a beautiful stew for tea tonight. Root vegetables, stewing steak, potatoes and delicious gravy. I could have eaten it three times over!

A favourite quote for today…

C S Lewis


A peek into one of my days…

Feeling poorly and catching up with Strictly Come Dancing whilst crocheting my blanket.
Feeling poorly and catching up with Strictly Come Dancing whilst crocheting my blanket.


One of my favourite things… Salty and Sweet Popcorn (a new discovery, oh boy!)

From the board room… I really want to make one of these for winter


Post Script… I haven’t blogged for a while for a couple of different reasons. First of all I’ve restarted my studies and I have recently delivered another sermon at my church. Both these things have taken more brain power than I’ve used for a while and my brain feels like mush. Next, I’ve been ill again and I am just coming out of an episode. And finally, I had an IMMENSE week a couple of weeks ago playing with Besses o’ th’ Barn Band and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. We performed at the Royal Albert Hall and the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall under Vasily Petrenko and have been broadcast on Classic FM. I will blog more fully about it over the weekend when I have got my photos together.


H is for Hippo

We are on day 8 of the Blogging from A-Z challenge and we have arrived at the letter H.

You may know that I am very keen on crocheting, and I particularly like the quirky and the cute. I’ve done blankets and hats, scarves and gloves, stuffed toys (Ethan’s Super-Monkey is still a treasured favourite), chicks, coasters, banners – the lot!

But I am always on the lookout for new ways to use old ideas and I found this picture this morning which sums up everything I love about the huge plethora of options my hobby presents to me.


I want to make everything on this photo, and I think I will start with the granny “square” stuffed hippo. I can see a stream of these tripping off my hook in various colours in the near future. Watch out for Christmas presents people! I can see them in team colours (Manchester City anyone?) or Halloween colours, Christmas and Advent colours, Spring flowers, either warm or cool palettes…the combinations are endless and I can’t wait to get started.

I can see hippos being the next big thing, replacing the owls of the last few years. Kids in hippo hats, kids in hippo slippers, stuffed hippo cuddle blankets, hippo toys… oh yes, let me at them!!

Hyacinths – My Favourite!

I went to Bury market today. My primary aim was to get some wool from the wool stall because I have been asked to make a couple of blankets and needed some particular colours. If you saw my wool stash then you’d laugh thinking that surely there must be enough in there already, but no, you’d be wrong. There is never enough wool in a wool stash. Any crafter will tell you that!

On the way to the wool stall I passed a little stall selling plants and flowers. I don’t usually give them a second glance to be honest – green fingers are not one of my strong points! – but they had a big display of my absolute favourite plants and I had to buy some. You will have guessed from the title of this piece that my favourite plants, especially at this time of the year, are hyacinths. I love the fact that they always seem to thrive with very little sustenance and they are happy simply to sit on top of the soil and get on with it. They don’t need much TLC (good job if they’re in my care…) and they give off the most amazing perfume as they reach maturity, which I love.

I bought these three little plants. They don’t look much do they?


But they will soon my filling my house with their lovely colours and scents. I have picked a blue one, a purple one and a white one. The man told me that the colour of the pots shows the colour of the flower…but I have my doubts. I’m sure I asked him for a pink one instead of a purple one but hey ho, let’s see what grows in the next couple of weeks! They only cost me £1 for the three of them. The bargain of the day if you ask me.



Daybook Entry – 26th January 2015

021114_2314_DaybookEntr1.jpgFOR TODAY

Outside my window… there is an Arctic front making itself felt. The sky is clear and is that gorgeous blue-black colour that makes me think of the Arabian Nights. But this is Manchester and the Arabian Nights are about as likely here as a night without emergency sirens or an appearance by the police helicopter.

I am thinking… that it has been an auspicious day today. A day that will go down in history for the Church of England in that our very first female bishop was consecrated today (for full details – including the lone protester – click here to read all about it on the BBC website). It is also my son’s 16th birthday too, and my thoughts have been on that day 16 years ago when I welcomed him into the world.

I am thankful… that my son has turned out to be such a well-balanced, thoughtful and kind young man. He has been through a lot in his childhood and sometimes when I look at him I shake my head in wonder that he’s made it thus far.

In the kitchen… we ate out tonight in honour of Ethan’s birthday and we currently have a couple of slices of left-over pizza from Pizza Hut sitting in our fridge.

I am wearing… jim jams. Comfy Pamster!

I am creating… a blanket/throw for our caravan or settee. I have done loads of other blankets for other people and I have decided to make one for us now. I am trying out a new design with bigger blocks than I would usually make, and I am mixing and matching the patterns within a 5-colour palette. I might post a couple of photos soon when there’s something to show you, but I am enjoying a rather leisurely pace with this one and I don’t mind if it takes quite a while.

I am going… to work very hard tomorrow on the poetry section of my OU work. The unit has been pretty dull so far and I think I might be missing something, so I am going to give it my full attention tomorrow and see how that makes a difference.

I am wondering… how long it is before I give in and resort to “The Ode Less Travelled” by Stephen Fry instead.

I am reading… I’ve got a couple of things on the go at the minute but not a novel just now. I can’t make up my mind if I’m in a crime-thriller or a historical or a romance or a chick-lit kind of mood so can’t settle on anything. I just finished reading “An Absent Mind” by Eric Hill, which is a story told from several points of view about a man who has Alzheimer’s Disease, and it has left its mark on me. I’m not in a hurry to erase those feelings and thoughts it has stirred up just yet.

I am praying for… some guidance about my pathway ahead; my Dad who is recovering from a small procedure; my friend’s little girl who has to have a serious and extensive operation in the coming weeks; my mother-in-law who is defying medical understanding and surviving against all expectations.

I am hoping… I have understood my latest music assignment properly – I have handed it in today (two days early) and it all seemed suspiciously straightforward. Oh dear…

I am looking forward to… going swimming on Saturday morning. Kevin and I have been promising ourselves that we would make the effort to look after ourselves a bit better this year and we are going to take the opportunity while Ethan is in Music Centre on a Saturday morning to go swimming, but so far, we have had other commitments so this weekend is our first chance to go. Eek! I hope my cozzie still fits.

I am learning… that modern poetry isn’t really my cup of tea. In fact, it’s more like a drink of water – far better with something of substance in it!

Around the house… we have quite a few things up for sale on ebay just now so we have them lying around in various stages of packaging and labelling. Apart from that things are pretty much under control.

I am pondering… the content and theme of my next sermon. I am preaching on 8th February and I know the verses we will be reading on that day already, so I am in the pre-planning prayer stage of pondering what to say.

A favourite quote for today…

you are confined

One of my favourite things… is spending time with my family.

A few plans for the rest of the week: this week will mostly be studying and writing. As I mentioned, I have a sermon to prepare for next Sunday and I am currently up to date with my OU work on both modules but I would like to try and get ahead while I can. I am loving the music module and I can feel a composition brewing. It might even get coupled with some of the poetry work I am doing and if it ends up as part of worship in church then I’ll be a very happy girl!

A peek into my day…

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Thank you for dropping by the Daybook today.