Bikers, Bells and Band

It has been one of “those” days today. You know the ones, where randomness happens throughout the day and you just have to shake your head and say, “well, that was a bit good!”

Well my day has been a bit like that.

First of all I went to Stay and Play this morning and saw absolute genius in action. One of our mums is blind, and she has managed her baby very well with the help of either her own mum or a carer who was there to help guide her around and to make sure that the baby was always looked after. The baby has now grown up a little bit and is toddling around quite happily on her own two feet, but today, the mum came without the aid of either her mum or her carer, instead relying on the help of one of the other mums (a friend of hers anyway) to get her into the church hall and to get her seated and so on. The genius bit was this:


A set of jingle bells round the little girl’s ankle so that her mum could hear where she was in the hall and could track her movements easily. We were all astounded at how such a simple thing could mean such a lot – that not only could the mum enjoy some independence, but that the baby could also enjoy running around without getting too far away from mum. Of course there are always lots of people watching out and interacting with the mums and tots in the group so there would never be any real danger, but how’s that for a stroke of genius to help them both enjoy a bit of living!

Nature was also having a bit of genius this morning too. How’s about these couple of beauties?






Still reeling from the gorgeous skies and cold, crisp air, came a demonstration of something deeply moving. At about 12 o’clock, there was an almighty roar of engines going past the church hall as a big group of bikers made their way noisily up the main road. About 15 minutes or so later, they all came back again, this time doubled in number, going half the speed and leading out a hearse and a funeral cortege down towards the crematorium. The flowers on top of the coffin were in the shape of a motorbike, and the flowers down the side of the hearse spelled out BROTHER in black flowers. What a sight, and what a gesture to witness. Here is a video of the tail end of the procession so you can see for yourself.

Then this evening, I had the utmost pleasure and privilege to sit and listen to the Pemberton Old Band as they were put through their paces at a rehearsal for an upcoming contest. I have been going there for the last couple of months with Ethan, who is playing bass trombone for them, and I have heard the piece they are playing take shape and get generally better and better each week. The band has a great sound and tonight they were pushed to really play proper pianissimo and fortissimo, which was fantastic to hear. There are another couple of rehearsals to go before the contest at the end of the month, and it promises to be a great performance. Looking forward to it.

So there you have it, a couple of things that have made up my day today. Random? Or simply a reflection of the eclectic life I have?!

Either way, today has been a good one.




Five Things

Image by ernohannink via Flickr

Five things that made me happy this weekend:

1. I finally felt better after three weeks of prolonged illness and pain.

2. We had a family barbecue last night but it rained. I am happy that we have got a canopy over our deck and we stayed out by the fire under cover and we had a great time.

3. Being treated to dinner at the Peacock Room on Friday night

4. We have had a superb tea created for us by my lovely husband tonight: oven roasted vegetables (peppers, courgettes, baby sweetcorn, button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and red onions in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper) with a pork steak and rice.

5. I managed to complete an arrangement of In The Mood that has been a creative block for the past couple of days.


There were lots of other things that made me happy this weekend, such as trying Pimms for the first time (3 jug fulls later and we’re still standing), meeting a family who wanted their child baptised today and sorting them out with all the ins and outs, singing new hymns in church this morning, having lunch with my Mum and Dad on the spur of the moment, having a tidy house (for a short space of time…), sunshine, Emma being home from work early yesterday, not breaking Eddie’s iPad in the baptism service this afternoon, being served by Gareth on the checkout in Asda, sitting with the ladies at the coffee morning yesterday and having a good laugh, making myself hurt through laughing at Donald when he said “the Cemetery Pub in Rochdale, that’s where they sell Boddy’s”…….the list goes on but those are my top 5.

The Pamster is a happy chappy tonight!!!