Keeping the Legs Turning

I've been off my bike for a little while because of various reasons, and so it was with some trepidation that I sallied forth this morning on the old rusty stead. But boy was I glad I made the effort! I managed a pretty decent 6 3/4 miles today in just under 50 minutes, at …

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PamBook – 6th April 2021

Today is… 6th April What I’ve been up to today… my first job was to clear the bombsite that was my study. After camping in it for the past week at Easter School it was in desperate need of a “tidy up and put away”. It’s only a tiny room and so it can be …

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Bee Across The Water

This little bee has arrived at last. I made him for my daughter who is working in sunnier climes and experiencing a touch of home sickness just now. The bee is the symbol of Manchester, and I crocheted it to remind her of home. She loves him!

Tuesday’s Pic of the Day

This is in the Arndale Centre in Manchester, and it is an area that has recently been revamped. When I was a kid this space was known as the Barbirolli Square, after the famous conductor of the world class orchestra we are lucky to have in our magnificent city. We had Halle Mall running off …

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The Bees Are Buzzing

This little guy is off on a world tour. I'll let you know when he arrives!

Quad Still On

Well, it's the nail-biting time of the season again and Manchester City are still on for the quad. As a lifelong City fan I have seen the ups and the many downs of the club, and it is still a relatively new feeling to be in a position of hope again as the season is …

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Manchester Sunshine

A couple of photos today of sunny Manchester. The air was still a bit crisp this morning, but it has been another beautiful day here.

View From The PamCam – Winter

Well, the papers have been forecasting heavy snow in the Manchester area since before Christmas and even though it has been pretty chilly, with one or two hard frosts in the last couple of weeks, the predicted disaster has failed to materialise. Until today, when a bit of snow fell overnight and the whole region …

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My Manchester

Today marks a very sad and poignant anniversary in my Manchester's history. It was exactly 12 months ago today that a terrorist bomb was detonated in the Manchester Arena at the end of a concert given by Ariana Grande. In its aftermath, there was a tremendous outpouring of love and support, of music and poetry, …

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Lent Challenge – “Give”

Part of the Lenten discipline is to give - to charity, of your time, of yourself, help to others - and this picture represents one of those. It's not always possible for me to give cash to charity, but something that I've been trying to do is to crochet some hats to give to a …

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