Lent Challenge – Wilderness When I think of the word “wilderness” a couple of things spring to mind. First of all I get the mental picture of a wide expanse of emptiness, with no visible living presence anywhere. I see dusty rocks and dry river beds, dried out husks of stunted trees with maybe a... Continue Reading →

January Daybook

For Today... 11th January 2017 Looking out my window... I can see clear blue skies, but I can hear the wind howling and there is a storm on its way. I am thinking... I might cook cheesy bacon pasta for tea tonight. I am thankful... that mental health in young people is taken seriously. One... Continue Reading →

Daybook Entry – New Year’s Eve 2016

For Today... the last day of 2016 Outside my window... I can hear some isolated bursts of fireworks going off locally. The weather is mild to cold but not frosty yet. I am thinking... about some changes I need to make in myself, my outlook, my worldview and my expectations. I am thankful... for so,... Continue Reading →

Daybook Entry – 5th April

It is a rest day from the Blogging from A-Z challenge today, so I wanted to fill the gap with a Daybook entry. Things have been pretty hectic recently and I am enjoying blogging regularly again so here we go: For Today... Easter Sunday 2015 Outside my window... the sun is setting on a glorious... Continue Reading →

Time To Talk – Mental Health

It is “Time to Talk” day today, a day of campaigning and raising awareness of mental health problems and how it affects people. It has been designed in order to encourage people to speak up and talk about their mental health and the flip side of that is that it is also there to encourage... Continue Reading →

Finding Mike

Please help find this man.A man is searching for the kind stranger who persuaded him not to jump off a bridge into the River Thames in 2008.Jonny Benjamin had been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and was struggling to cope when he attempted to commit suicide on London’s Waterloo Bridge exactly six years ago, on January... Continue Reading →

Freaky Friday

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why? If that seems too easy, try this one: who would you like to have spend a day as you and what do you hope they’d learn from the experience? I wouldn’t want to be anyone else for the day, but I would... Continue Reading →

21 Years of Learning

21 Years of Learning This is part two to the post I started yesterday and as promised here’s my top twelve tips about being married and how to get along as part of as a married couple. I must point out that I am by no means the authority on this subject, but I have... Continue Reading →

How To Keep Positive

How To Keep Positive When you have a long term illness or health condition, from time to time it can become difficult to stay positive. When your positive thinking starts to wear off it can quickly become a problem and it gets harder and harder to get yourself back on track again. Let me share... Continue Reading →

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