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Kitchen Update – part 8

So tired today, but at last the kitchen is taking shape.

The plastering is all finished, there is paint sealing all the bare walls and there are two coats of emulsion on the ceiling so that bit is finished (hurrah!). There are new architraves round the kitchen door and the cubby-hole where my washer and dryer are and they have had an undercoat tonight. Kevin is busy cutting and fixing skirting boards as we speak, and he will undercoat them tonight so they’ll be ok in the morning to wallpaper up to.

The exhaust hole for the cooker hood has been cut into the wall now, and all the electrics are fixed and fitted. We need to put on the new socket-tops yet, but whilst we are decorating it makes sense to have the old ones on for now.

Kevin removing a hole in the wall for the extractor hood. The red socket will be replaced.
White walls!! Plaster on the walls is now sealed, ceiling has two coats and is finished.


It’s nearly time to get the cupboards and worktops fixed and then I can start to get my house back in shape. 


My living room - looks like squatters have moved in


My hallway. Good job we don't use the front door much...!


Special thanks to my Mum tonight who fed us. She made a huge pan of steak and kidney with potatoes and veg. It was absolutely gorgeous and I didn’t want to move to come home again afterwards!!

The plan tomorrow is to gloss all the woodwork and start putting on the paper (you can just make out a couple of rolls of it in this picture above. Don’t ask me how one has ended up on top of the radiator….the house elf must be trying to tidy up without being seen haha!