Variety is the Spice Of Ministry

I've had a wonderfully varied couple of days ministering to the good folks of North Manchester these past few days, and I'm reminded of the privilege of my calling. In the last two days I've led and preached solo at a new church, led an online service, assisted at baptism in one church and helped …

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Praying and Prayer

This is the text of my sermon offered at St Thomas and St Mark, Lower Crumpsall today. The readings it refers to are the lectionary readings for today: Job 38: 1- 7, Hebrews 5: 1 – 10 & Mark 10: 35 – 45. Introduction We recently started a sermon series over in Blackley and Moston, …

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Examen Prayer

We're doing a lot on prayer at the moment in our mission community, using material from Pete Greig's book How To Pray. Greig has an acronym to help us focus our prayers using the letters P R A Y. It's a handy way to begin praying, especially if you feel out of your depth doing …

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The Fairy Tale of The Sadness

I read this story today and it absolutely struck a chord with me. It was written by Gestalt therapist Inge Wuthe and it invites us to reflect on the range of emotions that all go in to make us human. Once there was a small woman walking along a dusty sidewalk. She probably was already …

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It's been a been a day and a half today, and we've reached nightfall before I'm ready. I like being busy but I feel I've been down a wormhole and come out at a different time today. Tomorrow is another day, thank the Lord! Grace and peace, Pamster x

Comfort and Hope – What a Friend We Have In Jesus

We're doing an 8 week sermon series on prayer at the moment, and it's amazing at how powerful it is moving the folks in our churches across the mission community. We seem to have unleashed people's inner spirituality and we are stirring up prayer like our lives depend on it... well, they do really, but …

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Blue Roses

Still feeling a little fragile today. On top of the other health stuff that's weighing me down at the minute I've had my flu jab and an armful of blood taken today which has left me feeling sore, miserable and mard tonight. I am suffering a little with a fibromyalgia flare up tonight, and the …

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Feeling Fragile

Do you ever get those times where you feel a bit fragile? I'm feeling like that at the minute if the truth is told. I've had a couple of health issues recently and an appointment with my GP on Monday last week has left me feeling a bit on the touchy and fragile-y side of …

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What a Wonderful World I hope you like this, grace and peace. Pamster x