Kitchen Remodelling – Part 4

Well, it’s Sunday afternoon and it’s time to update you on what’s been happening since Friday. The update is quite brief really…the kitchen hasn’t changed much (except that now every single scrap of plaster is off the walls and there is no ceiling) but there’s been a lot happening in terms of preparation and getting stuff¬†for the project.

Yesterday morning was a bit chaotic: we had to take the old cupboards to the tip (or “recycling centre” as I should really call it) along with several large sacks of rubble so we hoisted up the trailer to the car, loaded up and set off. Ethan had a recital at school yesterday morning so we took him there on the way to the tip recycling centre but as we set off there was an almighty CLUNK and the trailer started making some very strange noises. It was only later on after we’d emptied the car and the trailer that we noticed it was listing to the left rather too much and the funny noises were extremely alarming. Kevin pulled over by the side of the road to check it out, and discovered the leaf springs on the left wheel had snapped again, which effectively put the trailer out of action until we can find time to get it welded.

We were supposed to be on our way to collect the units from the other house, as well as to B&Q to get plasterboard and all the paraphernalia to rebuild my kitchen and we now had no transport. We were about 200 yards away from a van hire place so we decided to hire a transit for the weekend and do away with all ideas of transporting things in the trailer.

So, a couple of trips back home and back again to drop the disabled trailer, pick up Kevin’s documents and ID and leave the car there and off to Norden to get the kitchen units.

Good job we hired the van in the end – the units, sink, worktops, cooker, plinths and everything else all fitted in, in ONE GO which was fantastic! Kevin’s 3D Tetris skills were put to the test, but we got it all in without having to collapse anything (except ourselves….).

And so to home.

But we got lost and ended up down some narrow country lanes and over speed humps before we found our way back to the motorway. I was cringing as the stuff in the back settled and moved at every bump and turn in the road – eek!

Back home and all was well: the old cooker and the dishwasher were sitting happily in the back garden whilst the remaining bits of ceiling were taken down and the bikes and other bits and pieces had been removed from the garage to make room for the incoming units and worktops. A late night last night, and for the first Saturday in I don’t know how long, there was no red wine consumed. Sigh, the sacrifices we make…

One funny moment last night – I was in the bathroom getting ready for a shower and I could hear Sam and Emma talking to each other in the kitchen down below. There is only the bathroom floorboards separating the two rooms now and the voices were loud and clear in both directions. Very strange!

Today saw us spend too much some time in B&Q again, but the shopping list was HUUUGE. We’ve bought all the plasterboard we need, all the wood, insulation, plaster, browning, plumbing and electrical bits and bobs, skirting board, filler, a new door and about a mile of new cable.

The boys are in there now sorting out relaying wires and cables for the new sockets and lights, and I’m in my living room avoiding the dust. Avoiding?? Did I really say that? What I should have said is “wallowing” in it…and still no sign of any red wine!

Anyway, it’s a blue moon in Manchester tonight. City have not only beaten United today, they absolutely drubbed them to within an inch of their life and wupped them 6-1. At Old Trafford. Can’t get much sweeter than that!!

No photos today, it’s too depressing. Maybe tomorrow when there’s plasterboard covering up the ceiling joists haha!