He Is Risen!!

The 4th part in my illustrated Easter story. For everyone, but especially those who haven't heard the story of Jesus' death and resurrection before.   Also, if you have missed any of the other parts, here they are in a playlist. Happy Easter!

Jesus’ Trial and Crucifixion

Here is the third part of the Easter story, Jesus' trial and crucifixion on what Christians call Good Friday. It follows on from part one (Triumphal Entry) and part two (Last Supper and Jesus is Arrested).   The fourth part will be on Sunday where we celebrate Jesus' glorious resurrection.

The Last Supper and Jesus is Arrested

As promised, here is the second part in my Easter series which tells of the last days of Jesus' earthly life. This is the part where Jesus spends his last evening with his disciples as they share the Passover supper together, and later, where he is arrested.

Palm Sunday – Triumphal Entry

I made this video to tell the first part of the Christian Holy Week. It tells of Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem. I hope to bring you more of the Easter story as it unfolds later this week. God bless you.  

Locked Down or Locked Up?

At the time of writing, the whole world is in some form of lockdown. China, where this health crisis began, is slowly starting to get back to some sort of normality and restrictions have been lifted from people's ability to go out, but countries like New Zealand, where the virus has only just started to …

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I saw this posted by Rev Richard Coles on Twitter this morning: It is Lady Day, the Feast of the Annunciation, when the Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary to ask her to be the mother of God. It is also a Quarter Day, when tithes were due, which is why the HMRC's tax year begins …

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Human Instinct in a Time of Crisis

In times of crisis, our natural human instincts come to the fore. We could argue that they are not that far from the surface at the best of times, and therefore when it isn’t the best of times, our instincts are ready and waiting to break through the thin veneer of civility and respectability that …

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Attack of the Fibro

I have had a spell of relative wellness with my fibromyalgia which has lasted about two weeks or so, which is great news, and apart from a 3 day migraine last week, I have enjoyed the freedoms that reduced pain, improved movement, and a general upturn in my outlook during it. But, before you go …

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Middleton Shopping Centre

I went to Middleton Shopping Centre today for the first time in I don't know how long, and for the first time EVER noticed this frieze on the wall. It's quite difficult to get a proper photo of them because to see them properly, but from my (very poor) pictures you can see some of …

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Baked Eggs

I shared this delicious lunch with my daughter today. I have often seen "baked eggs" in different guises and variations on foodie websites and in recipe books, but I have never been tempted enough to try them for myself. For some reason, any recipe that involves breaking eggs that need to be kept whole makes …

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