January in Foxdenton

I am trying to increase my walking distance each day now that my surgical wounds are more or less healed, and this afternoon I went for a little stroll in Foxdenton Park with my husband, Kevin. When we set off to get there (only about 10 minutes up the road by car) the sky was a bit gloomy and overcast, and we both thought it might rain. By the time we arrived, the grey clouds had moved away and we were treated to one of those glorious late-afternoon winter sunshine festivals that I absolutely love. Low sunshine through the trees painted a golden glow on the naked trees, and though there was a bit of warmth in the direct sunlight, the air was nice and chilly. I love that feeling of having a cold face while my body is lovely and warm inside my big parka!

We set off with great intentions and though I was slow, I managed to walk quite a way unaided and unsupported – a vast improvement on my attempts to walk round Morrisons the other day. But by about halfway round the park I needed my stick because my back and my hip had started to misbehave and I needed that support to get be back again. Gah… disappointing, but necessary I’m afraid.

Before we had set out, Kevin said to me “is this going to really be a walk to stretch our legs, or is it a bimble as an excuse to take some photographs in the sunshine?”.

Well, dear reader, my husband knows me only too well and yes I had secreted my camera in my pocket before we left and I had every intention of taking some arty shots with it as I “rested” along the pathways. However, when I went to take my first picture, my camera refused to switch on, and the message “charge battery” flashed up on the screen. Gah… another disappointment, but not to be thwarted too much, I still had my phone with me so managed to get a couple of nice–ish ones for the album on that instead.

I can never choose a favourite from my photos but I do rather like this one. I like it because of the contrast in the colours and the shadows, and because the open doorway represents so much about January – the way that it is just there in the pathway and we are invited to see what’s on the other side, the way there is a litter bin by the side where we are invited to dump our rubbish before we carry on into the new year, the way that our shadows fall on the side of it and represent the dark areas in our lives where we perhaps want to shine a light. I wonder what you might draw from this photo too? Drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

I’m going to go an put my camera on charge now so I know it will work next time I need it. Wish I could say the same for my poorly back and hip!


Pamster x

PS – some more from the day. I couldn’t keep it to just one photo!

2 thoughts on “January in Foxdenton

  1. Andy

    Great pictures, as usual, Pamster. ‘Tis truly a wonderful time of year for that clear light when the sun deigns to put in an appearance.

    Good news that you are managing to get up and out and about. Hopefully it is only a matter of time now until you are moving freely and without pain. xx

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